Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My class mates are busy living thier lives and not worried about me.


Fun, easy to get along with and I love group activities.


i enjoy my class mates, i enjoy spending extra time at the campus to see my fellow classmates


Most are hardworking students that are looking for a chance to advance their standing in life.


Everyone at Kent State Stark has proven to be extremely kind, eager to learn and friendly.


My classmates at Kent Stark are mostly non-traditional students; I would have to describe them as exceptionally motivated.


My classmates are a variety of many different personalities.


Very outgoing and willing to help each other out.


My classmates are generally smart, helpful individuals.


Since Kent State University at Stark encompasses a plethora of diverse students, as a vast majority of my fellow classmates are unique, but share the same goal: the strong desire and determination to earn a college degree.


My classmates range in age, and race, they are intelligent and hard-working individuals that are determined to make a change in society.


Classmates very but they are all nice and willing to help others and want to learn.


I would say that my classmates are, respectable, speak up in class discussions, answer questions appropriately, and are overall good people to be around.


My classmates are average college students. Everyone is looking for ways to save money, and they're all exploring trying to find out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. We're all from the same area, and everyone is friendly and helpful. We all work together to solve problems, and enjoy starting our own groups to help ourselves and other succeed.


They very attentive and quiet.


My classmates span a large variety of people, including different interests, races, cultures, and beliefs.


I'm actually attending Stark State College of Technology which shares a campus and credentials with Kent State Stark and the students are driven, polite, caring, and helpful.


My classmates are extremely serious about their work and studies. Usually the people who are serious about college are the ones you still are sitting by at the end of a semester. My classmates are good tutors too,they helped me get grades up in one class. Dont be afraid to network with other students about studies it makes a world of difference.