Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

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Kent State at Stark is a really unique school. Since it is a regional campus you have smaller classes and a smaller campus. However you still get the big school feel since there are so many branches of Kent State University, and of course main campus. At Kent State at Stark you get the best of both worlds with a big school feel when in reality you are at a little campus.


My Kent campus is very close to where I've known home to be. Even though I have not began classes at Kent previously, I am very curious, as well as, excited to get to know what I will be working towards for the next four years. There have been wonderful things said about the psychology program at Kent, which is great because I've always wanted to stay local with a great program. It's highly affordable, as well as, being a very comfortable campus to explore. Everything I have ever wanted college to be, is Kent, no doubt.


My parents are both alumni from Kent's Main Campus.


Compared to other schools, my school has one of the best nursing programs within the state and country. The tuition is also not as expensive as the other universities'. I love how nature friendly it is, thus keeping me less stressed from all the busy works and projects. My house is also closer to my school, which is a very good thing to save on gas (and time). It is the best opportunity that I have right now and I would do everything I can to hopefully finish my nursing degree.


I liked that Kent State Stark was a somewhat small college. I went to a high school with a graduating class of 52 people. Kent is just the right size for me and I've had an extremely pleasurable experience so far. I also chose this school because I had family that went here and loved the school.


I think its the people. We have a group of people that are all different ages and walks of life. Anywhere from a teenagers to adults with children to even a grandma. Its nice to go into a classroom and not have the normal peer pressure. I also really enjoy their life stories. Everyone is so different and has to much to bring to the table. Discussions are a blast with do different groups. I really enjoy it because you meet new people and they have been so friendly.


I think my school is pretty typical of other schools.


The professors and staff will go the extra mile to make learning as accommodating and enjoyable as possible, the classes are a decent size and the students typically have a respect for one another. As apposed to larger universities that typically have larger classes and a much bigger campus, which made me uneasy. At Kent State Stark it’s a great place to be, perfect size and overall uniqueness.


What is unique are the number of non-traditional students here. There are young kids fresh out of high school, people whom have GED's and people who are parents trying to better themselves.


There are endless opportunities at Kent State University's Stark Campus. Because the campus is a part of the Kent State University system, many of the activities and academic opportunities presented at the main campus are also available at the Stark Campus, yet in a much more personal environment. Attending a smaller school before graduating or transferring to a much larger school allows students to experience college life before being thrown into an immense crowd of thousands of people.


I have lived in Florida all my life, I wanted a school that had a different environment and new faces