Kent State University at Tuscarawas Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about kent state tuscarawas I can think of is the scheduling problems mostly. The schedules really interfere with my work schedule and make it hard to work more than twenty hours a week at my job. One class that I need could go from 12:50-3:00 in the afternoon and then the next class i need might not be available that day until 6:15pm so I could have a three hour break at school making it hard to work, when we work six to eight hour shifts.


The worst thing about my college is they do not have my major and I will have to go elsewhere for the program. I want to be a radiologic technician and Tuscarawas doesn't teach it. I will have to go to Kent State University Salem. Salem is quite a commute from New Philadeliphia.


The worst thing about my school is the limited number of majors offered. Because it is a regional campus, it doesn't allow for many complete degrees to be earned without going to the main campus.


The food situation our cafe is over prices and the vending machines are pathetic. Plus it's a Coca-cola only campus which is sad sometimes you just need a Mt Dew!


The worst thing about Kent State University-Tuscarawas Campus is the size of the school, it is only 3 buildings, but is growing by the year. There isn't enough money to fund the additions of more buildings or extra curricular activities for the students. Most of the other campuses have work out gyms, swimming pools, and things that help keep the student healthy so they can focus better at accomplishing their goals. If there was room for expansion I believe that my campus would gain some advantages of enrollment.


My school does not have dorms. You have to live off campus, in bad weather this area can basically shut down and driving there can be very difficult. There is also no housing near the campus so you have to travel a minimum of 5 miles to commute. They also have no bus service in the city.