Kettering University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Kettering provides amazing preparation for a real world career & interviewing, and determining the best fit for work environment, industry, and position.


Kettering is a unique, nerdy, welcoming, and fun school.


My school is very competitive and intense, but worth every long hour studying and craming.


Kettering University is a exceptional university that will drive you to be an exceptional student.


It is the place to go to get experience, in the job field, in life, and make never ending friends.


The place where logical oriented people feel at home.


A grueling taskmaster in which only the strong of mind survive.


Unique and challenging with professors of only the highest quality and a student body of the same caliber.


A place where your brain will sometimes hurt from learning, a place where things will often not make sense until you turn around and are doing them, a place where a lot can and does happen in the classroom is the kind of place my school is.


On the road to success.


A small, overpriced, arrogant college in one of the worst cities in America.


You only get out what you put in, even though it's impossible to slide by, the bare minimum is still a lot of work


Academically demanding with little to no focus on things besides academics.


class orented but hard parting after hours


Co-op education


Kettering is very intense academically, and this school is not for the unmotivated student who doesn't know what he/she wants to do with their life.


Kettering is a very tough, but fun and exciting school that allows students to work towards their potential in a very supportive environment.


A highly acclaimed engineering college for only determined students, featuring tough accelerated classes, 6 months of co-op work at an engineering company per year, and a lot to learn; really prepares you for the workforce, but leaves something to be desired as far as the normal college experience goes; feels more like an instiution sometimes than a college.


A relatively small school that helps it's students to get ahead in the job market by having a very unique and valuable co-op program.


A technical heavily greek school in the dangerous city of Flint MI.