Keuka College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is serious about their education. This school strives to give the best education they possibly can to any students who wants it.


An individual who likes small classes would like Keuka College. Also, this school provides students hands-on learning and interacting. My major is Occupational Therapy and I am literally learning by doing. This campus is located right on the lake, so any person who loves water would like it here.


A person that loves to have a close-knit community feeling while in college. Keuaka College has small class sizes, so you get more one-on-one attention. The atmosphere is extremely friendly as well.


A person who likes a small sized atmosphere where the work is challenging but not overly impossible. Somebody who is a drinker and likes to party.


If you do have a learning disability i say this is a great school to go to because the ASK center has a really good extra help program.


Take more than 12 creads fresmen year


Someone looking to get away. Someone who enjoys a small campus, and can make what they can out of it. Someone who really enjoys waking up in the morning to nice, clean, fresh air. Someone who doesn't care about not going to a big city school, because in the end, you'll meet new friends and have good experiences in just about any other college