Keuka College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the location is the best thing about my school. We are located right on Keuka Lake, and it is gorgeous.


The Field Period program and all the alumni that help students get placements or housing during internships. You can go anywhere and do anything and you complete one each year...thats a total of 4 before graduation! The FP's really allowed me to get the experience that I needed to get to get accepted to graduate school.


Career/In the field experience, very rigorous academic programs


The best thing about Keuka is the internships each student needs to complete in order to graduate. Each student is required to complete 4 internships of 140 hours upon graduation. This helps connect students with job oppotunities in the future.


Again, I would say that the ASAP program partnering up with other colleges to allow opportunities to area's that may not have many schools to offer undergraduate and graduate classes. This is opening many doors for many people to increase job opportunities in rural areas.


I consider the small school the best. The teachers know you name and everyone knows you. You are not just a number you have a name. Everyone is allowed to express themselves without any judgement from other students. It just like a family.


I consider the Field Periods the best part of this school. A Field Period is an internship that every student must do. A student has to complete at least 4 Field Periods in order to graduate. I think that Field periods are the best part of this school because your resume is being made and updated after every Field Period.