King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That my school is accredited with AACSB.


I love this college. I love how friendly and inviting this school is. I like that it is a smaller campus because I feel safe and secure and it creates a sense of community in the school. I love the class sizes which are about 15-25 students per class. The professors are really helpful and they all care about the students. There are so many resources on campus to help with any needs and all the staff are just as helpful as the professors. I would not change my school for anything; I absolutely love it here.


The class sizes are small, the professors are awesome, applying was easy and the campus is great.


The thing that I brag to my friends about is that my school has better programs than theirs. I’m in a five years master program for Physician Assistant. This program is typically a six year program; a four year bachelors degree followed by two more years to achieve a masters degree. So I brag about my accelerated program.


Its located in a city so there are lots of places to eat if you dont want to eat at the school. We have a lot of teen clubs close by if your're looking for a place to go out with friends. They have newly renevated apartments that are suite style.