King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is dedicated to hard work and enjoys traffic. The person must enjoy hard work because kings college has a high rate of getting a job or going to grad school after, therefore the students have to work hard to prepare themselves for a job or they wouldnt have received the job. The person must also enjoy traffic becasue the college is located in a busy city, but that could be just my perspective because im from a small town. The person must also like sports because King's has plenty of sports.


People who are interactive to others should attend King's College because this institution is very small in size and everyone on campus are friendly and active. If quiet and closed-mind kind of person attend this school will feel left out if he or she is not enagaed in interacting with others.


Anyone can attend this school because of how open and diverse this school is; even the most shy person would find people that could become lifelong friends.


A student with good values and morals, someone who wants to help others. Someone who wants a small school where students and falculty all know each other.


This school is perfect for anyone looking to improve their education.


A quote from King's College's founding President, Fr. James Connerton, C.S.C., truly encompasses the education the students will experience: "King's teaches students not only how to make a living, but how to live." King's is extremely dedicated to its community service, and its students will come to find, even in achieving their academic goals, they want to give back to their community. Students who attend King's will need to be able to integrate their academic and professional goals with their faith and community service.


Students planning on attending King's college should be prepared to attend class regulary as there is an attendance policy. Classes consist of approximately 30 students or less and therefore the students get to interact with their professors on a daily basis. The cirriculum aims to create well rounded students, no matter which major, and a successful student has to be a person who is eager to learn, responsible, and has or will develop time management skills.


A person who is decided on a major and his or her choice of their career once they hit the job market because after you leave King's -you are prepared for the next step.


Anyone who wants personal attention in small classrooms, who wants to belong to a campus which feels more like a small community, and who is looking for personal growth through clubs, organizations and other activities.


someone who likes small classes and is academically focused


A student who is focused on learning and career minded/


If your talking about King's then it should be someone who likes a small school and the atmosphere it brings. Such as a highschool mentality amoung students.


Anyone could attend this school, it's a good school for business, but I'm a sciene major and its fantastic.