Kirkwood Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The instructors are wonderful. They seem to really love what they teach & teach it in such a way to make it easier to learn.


College is a very important and crucial step towards a better life, it provides more oppertunities for success. You do not learn only about the major that one studies but achieve knowladge from different subjects as well, expands our way of thinking making us more creative. Success is a small word with a big meaning attached to it, in order for one to succeed he or she must work hard and strive towards a particular goal and accomplish what he or she wanted to achieve. Only through well preperation and hardship could life smile back at us.


I like to talk about how Kirkwood's class sizes are so small. The average class is around eighteen students, which allows for more one-on-one time with the professors. I think that this is more valuable for students compared to a university setting where there can be three hundred students in a class. With so many students, there is little to no interaction between the professor and student.


Honestly, I don't brag about my school. I am transferring to Kansas State University in the fall. When it came time to research and choose a college in high school I avoided it. I was not ready to be done so I tried to put off the inevitiable. Because of that decision, I was absolutely miserable my first year and a half of college. Be active in your college search, don't just put it off and then take the easy route like I did. It is a decision that will affect the rest of your life.


There are so many majors you can do, and I love the variety of classes when it comes to history, lit, or hummanity classes.

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