La Salle University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is looking for a school with small class sizes and one on one attention should attend La Salle University. Most people know one another around campus and it is very greek-life centered. If you are interested in joining a sorority it would be a perfect fit for you. Its an average size campus located not too far from the city.


The kind of person that does not expect too much out of college, that can be focused in their studies or seem interested. A decently good person because it is a private catholic school. A person who also enjoys the city oh Philadelphia because it is in the center of it. The kind of person that should attend La Salle should not be wasteful because La Salle does a lot of community service that they take seriously and is also very generous in the amount of money that they give to students to attend the school.


People that get a good financial aid package


Anyone who cares about their education should attend LaSalle University. The faculty is great and cares a great deal about the student body. Classes were available at various times in order to work around student schedules. Many of the faculty that taught me are still at the university, demonstrating the stability and atmosphere at LaSalle.


A person who likes to keep things small and personal. Teachers want to get to know their students, they are a name not just a number. So therefore, students should want to be really involved inside the classroom and should want to learn because they want to do good for themselves. It is a pretty tiny campus, so I would say the student should want to get involved so they get the best out of theit college experience, which La Salle does offer in various ways.


A person who does not focus only on academics., although this is a large part of La Salle's affirmation. La Salle students study for their goals and to be successful, but they know that being successful also means being happy and doing good for your surroundings. A person who wants to be involved with other students and the locals. A person who does not mind a diverse atmosphere and respects the materials around them. People who attend La Salle have much to offer in many aspects and are not narrow minded.


friendly, active, willing to get involved, inventive, strong willed, interested in nursing or teaching




Anyone who enjoys city life and small class sizes. If you want to have close relationships with your professors and friends it is perfect for you. However it is very expencive so that must be taken intyo consideration.


Someone lookins for a small, private college in Philadelphia.


Any kind of person could attend and be successful and accepted


Somebody career oriented who still likes to a little bit of fun; emphasis on a little.