La Sierra University Top Questions

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Great education with a Connection to God.


It is a Seventh-day Adventist University and it is close to my hometown.


It is unique because it is a faith based school. Being faith based I find that the school is more friendly and more compatible to my morals and my beliefs. It is also a rather small school compared to the big universities. I like it because the class sizes are smaller and the professors actually know you're name. It feels like La Sierra University is one big extended family.


I think what is neat and interesting about my school is the way in which they hold true to their faith. At first, I was worried about attending a school that was different than that of my own religion, but after spending a year in it, I was actually excited about attending it for my sophmore, junior, and senior year. I cannot put into words how I admire their religion, which made me grow and want to experience more about my own religion. Also, the faculty here is beyond heartwarming. No matter what you need, they're there for you.


The spirituality is great and the diversity is mind blowing. There are many different cultures on campus for everyone to learn from. I love it.


LSU is a private institution with an Seventh-Day Adventist based background.


La Sierra University is an excelent school. I highly recommend it because the teachers, administrators, and staff are very supportive and caring of the students. There are a variety of very interisting extracurriculum activities on-campus. In addition, the food is excellent, they serve healthfull dishes. The teachers are always well prepared for classes, they are very engaging. The learning environment here at La Sierra is excellent.


The fact that this school is of a certain religious denomination and therefore practices certain religious beliefs.


very religious but liberal


The religious background and the academic majors offered