La Sierra University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


La Sierra University has the best Business Program and great Christian principles.


La Sierra University allowed me to focus on my education, without loosing my strong spiritual faith. Attending La Sierra University allowed me to open my mind to furhter educaitonal possibilities. Prior to attending La Sierra University, I had no interest in any graduate school programs. Upon the completion of my bachelors degree, my mindset changed to, "were am I going to graduate school?"


What I brag about the most with friends about La Sierra University are my professors. I'm an accounting major and I'm extremely thankful for having the professors I have. They are all very outstanding and loving people. They truly care about us and our future. To them we are not just another student but an opportunity to help us succeed in life. I also brag about the fact that they are all overqualified. They teach because they like it not because they need the money. In fact, most of them are very successful CPAs and/or business owners.


That it has the best professors in the state! And with it being a religous school, the support you get from the school and other students is remarkable.


It's not an extremely large campus, which makes it more personable. It's easier to make bonds with people on a smaller campus.


The most impressive thing about my University to me, is the fact that there is a close student professor relationship. I get the opporunity to get to know all the staff. I have even done extensive research with professors and been able to help publish scholorly documents.


It's a seventh day adventist university and everybody there is so friendly. They are funny and honest and all the missionary work they do just makes you a better person.


I usually talk about the friendly, family-like atmosphere and the amazing teacher to student ratio. There are lots of great things about LSU, especially the Christian feeling, and having a church right across the street. The professors are great, and when you aren't studying, there is lots of stuff to do in Riverside.


How great the serivice at the school is


The classes are super small and you interact directly with professor who are very willing to share their knowledge. The classes are very laid back along with the whole feel of the school. The spiritual life on campus is great and there is a lot of support given to all the students.