La Sierra University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


THE FOOD SUCKS. On campus living is a hassle becuase the RA's do nightly roomchecks and breaking curfew results in being placed on probation and your curfew is reduced by an hour.


I would have to say the pre-foundational courses. they dont count towards your credits but do count towards your GPA. it doesnt make sense to have. they should let us go staight intpo college courses. if we do good thats great but if we do bad thats on us. they should at least let us try. what if we did bad and we aleready know what we are doing but stuck in that class unless you retake the placement. we should be able to decide what we want to take and deal with the consequences if there is any.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they don't serve meat in the Cafeteria. It's a Seventh-day Adventist institution, and the church has certain views on meat eating.


The most frustrating thing is having to find parking during the first few weeks of the semester.


It is sort of hard to try to identify some flaws in my school, being that I really do enjoy being a part of it. But if I had to choose anything that "irks" me about my school, it would have to be the sports division in this school. We are a division 3 school, in which we don't have any scholarships offered for being in a versity team, which is a shame because we have many talented players in soccer, basketball, and baseball even. The coaches are also strong leaders and really know what they are talking about!


My school is mostly for people who want to go into medical school. La Sierra is a great school for Pre-Med, Bio, math, and nursing. The history department is small at my school, however, I believe that though it is small, it is well-rounded and provides a lot for its students. But because the school is mostly for sciences, the history department is not as well funded as the others and again it's small. I wish we had a more money and more classes offered in different areas of hisotry.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the tuition. It is so expensive, I stress out over it. I wish I could have more scholarship to cover it.