Lake Forest College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Because of its small size I am given the opportunity to really get to know my professor and get one-on-one experience when needed. I am not just a number to either the professor or the school, I have a name.


I tell my friends the locations in which my school is located. Lake Forest is known for being a quiet, safe, well educated, wealthy area and these qualities are important for various reasons. The fact that we are sorrounded by wealthy families and intelligent individuals helps the school gain more recognition and we become recipients of generous donations by private and local donors. It is a quiet, safe, and beautiful making the drives to school nice; it's a beautiful campus. We have a lot of resources with our partnership with the city for student internships/jobs within the city.


The small classrooms, teachers who actually care about their students, the great opportunities from alumni and faculty who care, and the ease of leadership experience


Chicago is really close, and I've met really ineresting people through both the school and getting involved in the community (ie: community involvement through working).


People from different social circles all get along and party together.


Great professors


amazing professors, small class sizes


I most often brag about the small class sizes and my close relationships with my professors.


Small class size and great teachers


Course choices are interesting, nice campus, night cafe's in the dorms, a train ride away from Down Town Chicago.