Lake Forest College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is looking to be in a large college community, where there are huge lecture halls. Someone who wants to see the city and be a part of it wouldnt find that environment at this school because the college is small and away from a huge city.


someone who is not serious about academics


Someone who wants to be in a large city would not like it here. Lake Forest is 30 miles north of Chicago and is very accessible, but for someone who wants to live downtown, this may not be the best fit. Also, someone who wants large classes and to disappear in the crowd would not like this school. It is a place where teachers know you by name and want you to succeed.


A student who is interested in only a social life- a party college and not concerned with overall academic experience. This is not a college for a student looking for a large campus with Division I athletic opportunities or games to attend. If Greek life is very important part of your college experience, the number of fraternities and sororities are limted due to student enrollment. A student who is not interested in small class sizes or a close faculty student educational relationship.


Someone who wants a "larger" experience. The college itself is in a small town and the student body is very small.


Someone who wants a comfortable small environment and someone who can make their own fun to enjoy their full college experience, instead of relying on the college to provide it for them.


Some looking for a large school with more of a social scene than an academic one should not attend this college.


A person who wants a large number and wants to get lost in a lecture hall. Even in a lecture hall my professor knew me, the maximum number was 35 students. Also someone who does not want to know everyone on the campus should not attend.


somone who wants a big school


Party animal or someone who needs constant activities


This is a small school, with very small classes. If you want big classes and thousands of people at your school, then this is not the right place.


Somebody who does not enjoy writing a lot of papers and staying on top of their work. It is not a school where you can coast through the entire semester and then cram for a test because there is too much material and A LOT of reading!


Someone who is close-minded and does not want to experience diversity; I'm pretty sure Lake Forest is the most diverse school in the nation, and I have learned as much from students as I have from my teachers, if not more. You will be better off if you know what you want, because most of the time, the college can give it to you. If you are not independent and you like conforming, this is not the school for you, though if you like a tight nit group of friends, this is the place for you.


Someone who is unmotivated or dependent without the will/drive to change or challenge him/herself, but then again, this probably applies for any school.


I have yet to meet someone at this college who isnt nice to strangers on the average day. So if that doesnt describe you, then you shouldnt go.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they want a big school with a lot of people. Lake Forest is very tight-nit and you have the opportunity to get to know a lot of people.