Lake Washington Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


In my opinion no college should be directed towards specific students. Anyone should attend Lake Washington Institute of Technology because some education is better than none. The only reason I can think of why someone may not want to go to this school or it is not the right school for them is because it is a community college and their major of choice may not be offered due to the size of the school.


If you are goal oriented for both your present and your future, then Lake Washington Institute of Technology is the school for you. Classes are offered for most subjects and majors in the early morning, late morning-afternoon, afternoon, late afternoon and in the evening making the classes you need available in the times that works best for your schedule. Regardless if you are a full time student or part-time student while working, Lake Washington Institute of Technology facilitates your success with flexible class times, free tutoring, and counseling available for each student to successfully reach their goals.