Lamar University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The friendly atmosphere and professors' open door policy makes this school a great learning environment.


Lamar University is the best College around based on the tuiton / return on investment after graduation.


Lamar University is a small hometown college, that is well known for their engineering and nursing programs, that has a small greek life, plays in Division I sports and offers students a good education for an affordable price at a small campus where staff and faculty know the students very well and take great interest in them.


Small, friendly and very inviting.


Lamar University is a very well organized school with a great diverse group of people. I'm glad I came here and am getting my education. Despite the fact that some professors are not all that interested in the students, I truly appreciate the ones who have motivated me to be strong and keep going. The cost to attend here may have gone higher due to some construction and a low grade football team but it is still worth it to come here.


My school is a wonderful institution to attend with small classes and great professors that care about the students.


the school in enjoyable.


Lamar is home to a very friendly, outgoing, studious, diverse group of people.


the first thing i though when i saw it was its a nice fit for me reasonable size class are in close reach of the dorms


Yes the rooms are small but reasonable size for two people. The living room and bathroom is shared between the two but bedrooms are separated so you have your own space. The walls are thin you hear everything n i mean everything upstair, next door, and in the hallways but it reasonable not to many complaints...


Love it!


Lamar University is active, they movitvate you to open up and try new things.


We are an upcoming university that keeps getting better every year.


Lamar University is a melting pot with students of various ethnicities and various levels of intelligence.


Lamar University is a melting pot and thriving school.


Lamar university is a fun, yet loving enviroment, many will learn and grow for the positive while attending this university.


My school is the perfect size because everything is in walking distance, there are people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds here, and you honestly learn stuff in class.


It has a great nursing and engineering program.


Lamar University is a diverse, respected, and challenging university filled with many posibilities and essentials needed for life's endeavors.


Lamar is a school focused on education.


Lamar University is a clean and organized campus with a faculty and staff that are very polite and strive to be student advocates.


Nice, friendly and they want you to succeed.


My school Lamar University in one sentence is A very hand s on school Very helpful.


When you attend Lamar University for the first time you encounter an atmosphere of Texan hospitality, community service, academic excellence, social responsibility, campus involvement, and an all-around professional air of business.


Lamar University is a great, prestigious, and proactive school that I am proud to be a part of.


Lamar University strives for execellence.


Service to the loca community(ies) by educating students who will most likely become a part of the area workforce.


Lamar University is a very social place and it needs to work on the finacial aid aspects of it all.