Lamar University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


We all enjoy the size of Lamar, that's one of the best things. It's not a teeny weeny school, but the class size ranges everywhere from 5-10 students up to 40-50. This makes it very easy for us to get to know our professors and vice versa, which is helpful when you're struggling with a certain class. The professors always make themselves available to the students for help, and when it comes to tough college classes, I can't think of anything more reassuring. The curriculum is also well-rounded; in fact, an article in the Washington Post published early in 2011 praised our "basics" portion of the standard degree plan as being more thorough and well-rounded than Harvard. Yeah, I said HARVARD. We were shocked too. As far as campus life, it's rapidly changing in a good way. I'm a grad student, and when I was an undergrad, there wasn't much going on around campus at all. Flash forward three years later, and we've got this new energy and enthusiasm that just seems to make things more fun. The football team is back, and that's a really big deal. We aren't exactly the BEST on the radar, but the spirit has caught on and it is exciting around here during football season. Kampus Korner is a restaurant within walking distance of the school, and it's now added a full bar and has bands play at least once a week. If you're 21 and you live on campus, this is a great thing. But the partying thing isn't all we've got--for Memorial Day, the Student Government Association stuck miniature American flags all over the Quad in front of the student center, and it was beautiful. Overall, the vibe around here is really positive, and I appreciate that when I'm stressed out over some tough homework. If I were to describe the school in one word, I probably couldn't. But a few that come to mind: affordable, comfortable, friendly, and very accommodating. Oh, and red.


The best thing about this college is the school spirit at football games, eventhough we dont have the best team in the world its really a good team, only our second year playing but its get better. The one thing i would change about this school is the variety of food in the d hall. This school is just right for just about anyone classes close enough from dorms to walk an be on time. when i tell people i go here they say "oh thats a party school" we do have parties but know our limits... or "lamar's gonna be just like PV".... No sir, where nothing like PV i been there and you wouldnt wanna live on campus at all there dorms are like motels no privicy wat so ever unless your in the bathroom. At lamar in the dorms the only thing you share is the bathroom which has separate sinks and the living room area. Yes, like i said before there is alot of school pride.The most frequent student complaints are at night when people are bord and up its too cold now to hang out outside in the garden ridge....