Lamar University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person with high enrgy and wants to work hard in their interactive classes and have fun at school.


The kind of person who can afford it.


those who are interested in computer networks and those to students who wanted to pusue their masters with less cost


Most likely a person with strained finances who likes a small town atmosphere and wants a degree in engineering, business, or some type of science.


A student planning to attend Lamar University should be outgoing and determined to succeed.


Someone who wants a decent education that won't break the bank.


People that are really trying to figure out what they want to spend their lives doing would make wonderful students. The teachers are more than willing to relate personal experiences with their jobs in order to give a true sense of what you will be doing in that profession. Clubs and organizations really take you to the heart of what your future plans will entail, and provide you with the leadership skills to succeed.


Anyone could and should attend this university. It is a very open minded and liberal place. One will not be looked down upon or judged for any particaular reason.


A person that is focused and career minded. Someone who is willing to excel in their studies.


Students willing to study, attend classes, and work a job during their school years in college should attend Lamar University. Dedication from an individual is important to their success along with someone who is courageous enough to ask questions they do not understand. A person who pushes themselves every morning to wake up early or stay up an extra hour late to study, knows their sacrifices for their success. As students enroll in colleges, the significance of money grows over their years, and students must develop the ability of self-control. Their time spent at Lamar should not be wasted.


If your future goals include having a successful career, if you would like to expand your current knowledge, or if you are interested in social experiences, then Lamar University would be a great school for you.


Someone who is Socialble and Eviromantally friendly and also ready to be envolved on campus.


I think this school is for pretty much anyone.


Someone who does not feel too strongly about school spirit but is open to the idea.


Some one who is used to being bored and not much of a city person.


I think a person who is focused on their school work and getting their degree should come to this school. Not necessarily the type who wants to have what I call the "college experience" and party. party and party 7 days a week. If you like smaller classes and a lot more teacher-student interaction, lamar is your school. It is easy to meet people who are down to earth and are a bit on the conservative side generally. The campus is not that large. I prefer to wear tennis shoes but some girls still put their heels on.


The person who is focused and loves to meeet new people. Very oriented and versitile. And a person who is ready to take that step into the rest of their lives.


Any person who wants a learning environment that is both beneficial and nice as well. Anyone can attend this college and feel accepted. The quality of education is great! Their is something for everyone at Lamar. The faculty and students work hard to make sure you feel welcome. You learn while also find many fun things to get yourself into. Lamar is just a great place in general. I would encourage anyone to go to this school! GO Cardinals.Were getting a football team back so thats something fun that people will be able to go to and have fun!