Lane College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would possibly say to myself that i should explore my options on a wider scale and see all that i can see. Go to colleges and gather all the neccessary information that would greatly be beneficial to me in the future. I would tell myself to have fun while im in school and not to stress on whether i make a sound decision of a major. In due time it will come to me. I will be more open to people and embrace everything as a new challenge. I would tell myself not to be afraid and get out and do more invovlement on campus than going to parties all the time. I would tell myself to be focused and continue to strive for a better me. I would say that college was not meant to scare you away, but to want to enjoy what life has to offer.


I would tell myself not to be scared of the cost associated with going to college. That loans and scholarships are easy to come by. I would also tell myself to live on campus and only work when I wont be attending classes. That my job and number one priority should be school. That getting my degree is more improtant than making a lot of money- because most people don't make a lot of money straight out of high school.


I would urge myself to complete all my spanish and math courses. I would encouraged myself to invest alot more time in research for scholarships and colleges. I would have the old me to save money that way i can buy things for myself whenever i want to. I would of been more pro active to set up campus tour dates to get the vibe of a college campus before attending. Generally, my whole attitude towards higher education would have been completely different. My preparation would enhance drastically if i could go back and talk to the younger me. Even though i cant go back im good position to reach the goals i have set for myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself helpful advice that I wish I have followed at the time. The first piece of advice I would give myself would be to prepare myself to battle “senioritis.” In that way, the high school me will remain focused more on his grades and his last chance to build up his GPA instead of focusing on how ready he is to finish school. In addition to battling “senioritis,” I would advise myself not to procrastinate on filling and sending college applications as well as looking for possible scholarships. This piece of information would be vital to me because I would be able to plan ahead to meet important deadlines so I would not have to stress as much during my last year. My final piece of advice would be to have fun and do everything possible to enjoy my last year. Keeping my guard against “senioritis,” being organized with college applications, and having fun with my last year of high school are all things that would help the high school me prosper in my transition from high school to college.


I realize the importance of a college education. I think college broadens your mind. It provokes your think. Regardless of your major there will be things that you will learn but you will also learn things from your employer. College gives the basics. College has given me analylitical skills beyond my wildest dreams. I have been exposed to so much because of college.


While I was growing up, I didn't have a chance to go to school. It's been my dream to finish my education, but I grew up in the Philippines during a time when education there was very poor. In order to go to school, I had to walk about 15 miles a day. For this, my parents decided that I just had to work on the farm with them instead of going to school. Therefore, I had to dedicate myself in helping my parents grow fruits, vegetable and plant corn. Also, I took care of animals such as buffalos, cows, goats, chickens and pigs. I basically grew up in the farm working and helping my parents. Now that I have the opportunity to pursue my education, I am dedicated and determined to pursue my dream which is getting my college degree. I am a mother of two wonderful children. The older is 10 and the younger is 6 years old. I started my school last Spring of 2009. Based on my grade report, I have all "As" in all of my classes. Getting my college degree would help me get a job to support my children and myself.


I have grown as a person, and have learned alot so far. I hope to learn more about nursing, and i am facinated by the human body. i want to learn more, i have a appetite for more education. I hope to become a nurse and help people in the emergency, or the ICU. I have helped people all my life as well as animals and want to make it my lifes career. I think that the nursing career is a very rewarding one, and it gives you a very good sense of self-worth. I have learned a lot in my 1st year of college and am learning more and more. I love to learn and can't wait for the journey of my education to continue.


I have been paying fall 2010, and the price is to much. Getting this scholarship would help a lot.


I have taken courses that have peaked my intrests thrice-fold in my college career. I am hoping to be able to fund my intended major of an associate degree in nursing. I have been working on this for several years now, but have recently decided that it is in my best intrest to put the pedal to the metal so to speak.


Everyone is in college to go to class and make grades, but a true college experience is a lot more than just grades and studying. To me, a true college experience, and what I personally have gotten out of my college career, is balancing going to class and making grades with hanging out with friends and being active on campus. Being at college has taught me how to balance my 40 hour work week, weekends having fun with friends, and being active on campus in clubs and student body activities with class, studying, and maintaining my current 3.2 GPA. There is nothing in the world that can replace the value of a true college experience. To receive my full value out of college, I lived in the dorms, worked on campus, ate on campus, and bled my team's colors at the games. There is nothing like living in a college dorm room as a broke college kid and eating the same cafeteria food week after week that makes you appreciate the finer things in life. The true value that I got out of college is that now I can appreciate everything I have and work hard for it.


What I took away from my college experience was an actual chance for me to grow up and experience life. I learned to make necessary decisions as a young adult that have helped me to become independent and what I would classify as successful. I was forced to choose between studying for class and tests, or partying all night and ditching class. I had every opportunity that working adults have, I went to school full-time and worked part-time so that I could afford certain things that I wanted and not depend on my parents to give them to me. College taught me the value of working for what I want and when you get it the necessary steps to keep what you have. Upon graduating from college I was employeed with Wal-Mart as an operations manager. Lane College gave me the foundation I needed to progress further in my business career. I learned to embrace diversity and the benefits of working in groups, all of which I needed as a manager. Lane College taught me more than I that it would, and I completely enjoyed every minute of it.


So far what I have gotten out of my college experience is discipline. I know how the everything should be done at a certain place and time. Its helping me become a responsible adult and obtain my dreams and goals.Attending college is very to my valuable future becuase I plan on owning my own Graphic Design business , without college I wouldnt have the physiological skills it takes to owning my own business. I would also lack the professional skills it takes to be a graphic designer.


If I had the chance to go back in time and make a transition in my life for college, I would have studied some of the things I should of studied in order to have made a perfect A. I would have handled some of my assignments more better and made better decisions in order to have had the best work. I would have prepared myself for the things that I faced around that time better and within a longer time period. The values that I had around that time would have been different and they would been what they are now. However the most important change for the transition to college would be the people I hung around and the one's that hung around me.


The advice I would give myself today is look for scholorships in your spare time, and pick up great study skills.


Annie get it together, just because we moved and I'm attending a new school doesn't mean I can't still make honor roll. I need to schedule tutoring sessions with a few of my teachers since their teaching methods are totally different from my teachers at my other school. Make sure I attend all ACT and SAT training sessions. It's time to attend my local college and sign up for college math, while I'm in high school! Wow, taking the college prep course will really help me make my transistion into college life!!


I would go back and tell myself that there are many scholarships out there and I to start looking soon.


I would punch myself in the stomach. That would the first thing. Once my teenage self is on the ground. It is time for the most important lecture of all time. I would tell myself. That quitting school is not a wise decision. That education is very important. And that is sucks to see someone that has no common sense and skills appropriate to do the job. Gets paid a higher wage. When all the pressure to get the job done is on yourself. You know you can do the job better than they can, but they have a degree. Another advice to give myself. Is not going to private schools that advertise on television. They are expensive and the degree you get from them isn't recognized nationwide, for the most part. Going to a community college with a combination of online and in classroom work. Gets the job done just as fast and the degree recieve from a community college is recognized by higher level education schools. Which will give you the higher degree desired by many companies that pay competively higher wages.


Hmmmmm If I could go back in time and talk to myself as High School senior also knowing what i know now? Well First off I would've took my classes a little more seriious. And taking the ACT/SAT more times to get better score. And applying for Scholarships early in really taking them serious to. And also applying at more then one school. And don't try to go far away from home. So I think that wrap it about up with if I could go back iin time.


I would encourage myself to love me for everything i am. At the conclusion of my senior year, i can remember being afraid of growing up because i didn't know what life was to bring. I didn't know where i was going and what i wanted to be in life therefore it left me in a deep depression. That summer, my mother encouraged me to apply for college so i did. It was one of the best desions that i could have made for myself. Over the last year and a half, i've not only learned about the requirements for my major but i learn a lot about myself too. I've learned to become an innovator, one who does not complain about thing happening, however, one how makes them happen.


I would tell them to work thier hardest in highschool to maintain good grades in order to be able to get more scholarships. Also for them to make good decisions while they are in highschool and good study habbits, because they will greatly affect what you do in College. I would also tell them to make sure they make the right decision about college, and to make sure they are well grounded where they are at, so that they will be able to be fully focused.


i would tell myself to stay on top of my studies and to attend all my classes. college is fun you just have to do what is expected. also i would tell myself to make sure that i choose a school that is both academically oriented but also socially oriented. and above all things make sure to do the work that is expected of you.


Do your research, make sure while looking for colleges to keep cite of your child's main goal (education) and stay away from party schools.


That college is for anybody and that there is a diffrent college for everyone. Do not give up be encouraged and you will succeed.


When looking for the right college, wheather you are a parent or student, the key thing to look for the goals of the professors. What are their goals for your child and what do they expect from the student. Another thing is to make sure that the campus is comfortable to you. Will there always be a place for you to go and study without being disturbed? Are you able to converse with faculty and staff without the mean remarks or combacks? All of these things will aid you in finding the school that fits you.


visit the school before you buy lol!! it will help if you went and sat in class a few times and interact with the students on campus


Whenchoosing a school look at the accredidation,location and size. The school you pick hould be one that fits your personality and will give you the opprtunity to grow.


my sure you visit the college before going.


i had a great time, it mad me the man i am today


I would tell the student to research the school very well. Find out the good and the bad in the school. Look at different schools and compare them to each other. Take campus visits to the schools. What school you feel most comfortable is the school you should chose. Once you are in school, just be yourself.