Lane Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Good school.


Lane Community College is a big campus with lots of great classes to choose from with caring instructors, lots of places to study, hang out, get help with questions or to get encouragement or advice, its main goal is to help students succeed and to help them do their best in all that they do and it clearly shows.


It's friendly, energetic community with a network of efficient, hardworking staff and an excited, ambitious student body.


Lane Community College is student oriented and strives to offer an excellent education in an economically feasable way.


Cultural diversity is what our school is made of.


Lane Community College is a large artistic campus, with a beautiful view of the mountains. Lane has very many useful resources that are very easy for students to locate and put to good use. Although lots of students are enrolled at the time I still feel that class sizes are very reasonable, and the professors are very helpful and personal.


Lane Community College creates an attmoshphere that is welcoming, comfortable and uplifting, while also offering a top quality staff and faculty striving to guide each student in reaching their fullest potential with ease and confidence.


My school is a diverse community college that helps students achieve their life and career goals.


Its a fun, entergetic learning atmoshpere.