Lane Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I can't speak for the whole school, but the nursing program requires full dedication and long, hard hours of studying compared to other schools and programs I have studied at in the past.


I believe this school has something for everyone. its a cheaper place to start with very good teachers. The only reason I think someone shouln't attend would be if they where just doing it under pressure. That would be a waste of money. If someone is attending and just planning on dropping out, don't attend any school.


In my opinion , there is not a single person that should'nt attend this school. There is so much to offer here at Lane Community College, even if you have no direction and dont know what you really want out of life. They help students find their place and then assist them in getting there. There are so many unique opportunities to meet people and form networks that can assist in career planning or life planning for that matter. Going back to school is the best decision I could have ever made for myself.


Any kind of person who doesn't want to learn any real information of their own initiative or who doesn't want current events and progressive ideas as part of the curriculum probably would not fully appreciate Lane. Almost all teachers here I have encountered offer tools and resources to their classes and encourage students to learn the information for themselves; most of these classes are in a discussion format where all can participate and share their experiences related to the subject. If you want information to be handed to you to memorize, you may want to find somewhere else.


I think that anyone could attend this school. It has a wide variety of programs and activities that people can get involved in. It also is close to the University of Oregon so it would be easy to transfer credits to the University if someone wanted to continue their education.


Someone looking to have a 'good time' in college. The campus and the mindset of those attending school here is much more serious than, say, a liberal arts college where kids are sent off and party, with a little bit of school on the side.


Though I think Columbia College Chicago is a wonderful choice to explore the vast opportunities that it has, most people in the school do abuse their opportunties. Instead they rather be lazy and not try to meet people, party all the time, or not care about classes in general. I feel as though people that want to be anti-social and kept away from this great scenery should not even bother coming. Also people who would like to relax and party and not focus on their work.


The type of person who should not attend this school would be someone who is not dedicated to their education. Lane Community College is such a student friendly college it is difficult to say that there would be anyone who could not succeed here. Only a student who is not dedicated to receiving an education would not prosper here.


There really isn't anyone that shouldn't attend this school. Lane Community College caters to a variety of backgrounds as well as a variety of goals. For those students who are unsure of their intended course of study, they also offer general education and community interest classes. It has an excellent transfer program for those who wish to move on to a 4-year institution as well as career training programs on the 2-year level. I am proud of my school- it has something for everyone!


The kind of person who should not attend Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon is a person who is not interested in thinking critically. They need to not be the type of student who wants to challenge what they think and believe, and is willing to evolve out of their current position. They need to open to the experience of new ideas than of the past, all the while being respectful of what the past can teach us. And if the prospective student cannot live up to this kind of thinking, maybe they should re-think this particular school.