Lane Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known about the GPA average which is very low at around 1.7. This is very important to me because it lets me know about the people going into my school and the sad fact that many do really poorly. It can be because they aren't interested in their education or the classes are difficult.


I wish I would have known about more resources available before I applied and started classes. If I would have been more familiar I may have bee done with school by now.


This school is very focused on helping you succeed! The teachers are very helpful and actually care about their students, and the same goes for most employees.


I wish I knew more about how financial aid worked. I had to learn the process fast because when I decided to go to school I didnt have much time before some dead lines. I really didnt know anything about college and knowing how to apply for financial would have made the process of getting started with school alot more easier.


A few things that I wish I would have been aware of before I started off my first term are: that you need to get signed off for advance registration for the next term. If you don't do advance registration it is very possible that there may be no classes left for you. I also wish that I would've known more about how to use express lane, because express lane is a very helpful tool for a student but can take some time to get used to.


I wish that I had talked to an advisor early and knew more about the campus and the cirriculum. I struggled through through the first few terms in college simply because I felt akward asking questions. I felt very confused in the classes that I should take and had few skills in good study habits. After my first year and a great deal of discovering my school and the programs offered, I took a job in the counseling department assisting new students with becoming familiar with the school and the available resources in hopes they would feel more comfortable there.


i wish that i would have known that is would have been easier to finish school if i had waited to have my son. i am grateful for the support though funding a 2 year (or multiple 2 year degrees) is hard. i want to go back to school for my nursing degree and then become a NICU nurse.


I wish I would have known the amount of work and dedication it would take to graduate, as a working parent it hard to find the time to study, cook, clean, be in class, and still make enough money to put food on the table.


I wish I had been more familiar with the different methods available for taking classes. With the traditional way of actually going to the college, plus telecourses, online courses, etc., it's so much easier to be able to 'go to' college. I also wish I had known more about the types of financial aid available and how to apply for them. Not having available funds delayed me for quite a while. Definitely explore your options and give it a try. It's worth it!