Lansing Community College Top Questions

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The staff, administration and teacher honoestly care about the growth of their students. LCC offers a student veteran department that provides resources not only for the veterans but for their families as well. LCC works hard to provide a safe, constructive, welcoming environment and classes in ways for all students to obtain degrees, even a Bachelors. Plus LCC offers classes just for fun, subjects like motorcycle license, excercise, crafts etc... High school was not comfortable for me but I am relaxed and enjoy attending LCC. Its easier to learn and enjoyable to attend and participate in class discussions.


The best thing is the smaller class sizes. The teachers actually get to know your name and you are never treated like just a number. It is also possible to get to know your classmates as you work on projects together.


I think what is more unique about my school is that since the classrooms are smaller, it's easier to get more one-on-one time with the teachers so that things are more understood. Also, with big universities, it's easier to skip class when the teacher doesn't even notice you're there. But at LCC the instructors care about the students education and make sure they get ahold of them so we know what we've missed in class.


Friendly and helpful staff


The aspect that is unique about Lansing Community College is that it offered exactly the classes that I was intereseted in taking. Some of the other colleges I considered offered similar courses but not exactly what I was considering for a career.