Lansing Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe our college is for everyone...their is no judgement...all our welcomed and encouraged.


Someone who is not driven.


Since it's a community college, basically anyone. However, maybe someone who doesn't do well around others or could cause problems shouldn't go. Someone who wants to stay in a dorm room or be in a nicer campus shouldn't go either.


IF you want to stay in dorms then this college isent for you but other than that anyone can go here!


People should not attend my community college if one already received scholarships and finances in order to go to a different college of their choice. Also, if one has their prerequisites finished one should consider going to a college that focuses more on the area of study that you would like for your future. LCC is really known for their nursing program. So, if you are interested in going into a different area of study then I suggest you go to a different college only if the requirements mentioned above are fulfilled.