Lansing Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice i would give my high school self would be to aim high. I made the mistake of not actually looking into schools. I did one campus visit in high school and i had nothing to compare the campus or educational credentials to. Right now I am encouraging my little brother (a high school junior) to start applying to schools now. Apply to all of them. Ask questions about every school and compare the programs to eachother. Looking at schools doesn't hurt you, even if you start at a community college to begin your career its always nice to have your next step already planned.


If I were able to have the ability to travel back in time to talk to my former high school senior self, I would advise her as quote: "You need to submit as many scholarships as possible now! Although we were able to afford our first year of college based on our graduation money and the money that we had saved up from our job, it would have been a lot nicer to have earned some scholarships so we could have save our money for other things, such as a proper flute for college. If we could barely pay for this year of college without taking a loan from our school or the government and our tuition for the year was around $5,000, how are we suppose to pay off for schooling in a four year college, or possibly even for next year? If we want to earn two majors and go for masters for both, we need the earn money to help us accomplish our goals. I am applying for many scholarships now, but you need to apply for some as well! College is so much fun and a great experience, so let's be able to continue!"


I am a military child. I am a child of bullying from a teacher. I am a child who did not wish to burden my mother who worked long hours and dedicated her life to provide me with stability and security. I did not wish to burden her with more to bare. I wish I would have spoke up earlier. I wish I did not suffer with fear of my fathers death or suffered alone emotionally, physically with my grades. Digging my way back up... I believe is harder to bare alone than admitting to the suffering at the time.


I would tell myself to go to LCC. LCC has changed me tremendously in one year. I would say it is important to be open to trying new things because new experiences open doors. I would say learn from professors, mentors, and classmates because everyone has something to offer. I would also tell myself the importance of being involved and giving back. The program that I am currently in has definitely taught me the value of giving back and being a mentor. I would also tell myself to always trust the program because as I am ending my summer semester, I can see how LCC has given me the skills and knowledge to go far in my career. Lastly, I would advise myself to remember that doing what is right for you is extremely important and it doesn't matter how long it takes you to choose your career. College is about figuring out your future and yourself. If you believe in yourself you will succeed!


I have returned to college to finish a degree in elementary education after being a stay at home mom. Returning to college has been one of the best things that I have ever done. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to immerse myself into my studies and it has been a joy and a privilege to interact with so many other people of all ages and from all walks of life. The college experience has exposed me to many new ways of thinking and has given me opportunities that I might otherwise not have had. I have joined the Future Teachers' Club, the Michigan Science Teachers' Association and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I believe that the education I am receiving now will serve me well into the future and everything that I have learned has been a priceless addition to all of my previous education. My college experience has been one of hard work and personal satisfaction as I have accomplished my academic goals. College has been such a valuable opportunity for me and I will never forget the lessons I have learned and the great people I have met along the way.


I have learned more time management skills,i have learned how to prepare for a class and to get all that the teacher has to offer. I have developed some new healthy lifestyle information and have made new friends. I believe that if a person takes their health serious they will have more time to focus on important things in life. Although it is a community college i believe making friends is a good way to enjoy college and keep life fun. It has been valuable for me to attend college because i am slowly developing my life with every class that i take. i have save money and know that i cannot be lazy because i am wasting time and money that someone else could have used.


I have learned alot about myself throughout my college experience thus far. I have learned how I need to work on my motivation levels, how I interact with people and how I take my career into account with the things that I do. I am learning that I will never know everything, and I think knowing that sets you up to make better decisions about what you teach yourself and what you allow to enter your mind. By keeping it at the forefront that I will always be learning, and there will always be things that I don't know, it sets me up to really grasp onto the things that I am learning and work on retaing them. I know that college is supposed to teach you academiclly, but I think that it also teaches you about yourself.


Work harder at your reading. Read more to inprove. Study harder for test. Visit colleges more offen. Be sure that this is what I want not what the College says is best. I have the say in my life. They are there to help not pick the classes for me. What they say is not what is always best. Start early. The earlier the better to get what classes you want before their gone.


If I could go back in time and talk to my 18 year old self about college, I would talk myself into not being scared and not procrastinating. Here's my conversation with myself: Old Self: I'm scared about going. I didn't go during fall semester, so I'm not looking forward to it. There's so many things I didn't get done. Now: Don't be scared. LCC offers online classes, so take those so you don't have to worry about driving. If you take them online it's more leisurely and you've got a week to get everything done, so you'll still have time to do other things. OS: Okay, but I've got to fill out an FAFSA, pick out my classes, it's so frusterating. N: Don't worry, LCC does help. I got one online class picked out, and I've figured out how to turn everything in. Fill out an FAFSA for next semester, but don't procrastinate. Continue going on Fastweb and make sure you sign up for LCC scholarships. DON'T PROCRASTINATE! OS: I'll get started right now! Thanks!


This is a great question, as you often hear people say "if I could go back and do things over," or "if I knew then what I know now" I would.....for me I would tell myself to not let anyone hold you back from what you want to do and to accomplish in your life, to set goals and follow through. Go over all your options and career choices and to pick the one that you want to pursue and go for it. That things are not always going to go your way and when that one class you think is too much for you or think that you can't do it and you want to throw in the towel believe in the incredible power of the human mind. Doing something that makes a difference of working hard, laughing and hoping and of all the things that will cross your path the start of something new brings the hope of something great. Anything is possible, there is only one you and you have one life make the best of it and enjoy it!


I have been attending college for a lot of years trying to find out what I was going to do with my life. Looking back, I know exactly what I would tell myself. Believe in YOURSELF. I know that sounds cliche but knowing what I know now, it is so important to believe in your passions and your skills. Happiness, true happiness is found in doing what you're truly passionate about. It's not just about making money, it's about enjoying life. Find what makes you happy, find what you're secretly really good at and love doing, and go for it! Money will find it's way to you if you just choose the career that you honestly will be passionate about. It took me 5 years to realize that I wasn't following my heart because everyone around me told me it would be too hard to make money taking pictures. Now I know I could not be happier doing anything else.


I would do the exact same thing. I knew I couldn't afford to go to MSU or where ever I decided to go. I love the small classrooms, more one on one attention from the teacher and I feel like LCC was a better transion from highschool rather then straight to a university. Taking my basic's at LCC I was able to give myself more time to decide what I wanted to major in and I choose Teaching. LCC advisors work with you and get you on track for having the exact classes you need and that will transfer. That way I don't need to retake them once I get to CMU. I would not change a single decision about my college choice coming out of highschool. I knew people who went to MSU and other univeristies but didn't know why or for what.


One piece of advice I would give myself and other high school seniors is to seek the help of those who can give it. In particular, I would recommend setting up an advising appointment right away, with an academic advisor at the school you are going to attend. I am going to a community college and this was not a requirement for registration like it might be at some universities. I thought I had it all figured out and I felt like I didn't need help, but now I wish I would have went to an advisor right away so I could work toward my degree in the most efficient way. Also, if you go to someone for help and they don't seem to give you what you need, then keep looking! Never stop till you get to where you want to be. Oh yeah, another big thing is PLAN AHEAD! It's super important to find the balance between future needs and those that are most pressing in the present time. You must be smart and creative in everything from picking classes to buying books to paying for parking... Use all the resources available to you!


Study harder! Pass your AP exams! Try your best on the Merit exams! So you do not have to waste money or time retaking basics in college and you would finish school sooner.


As a recent college attendee, I would give myself the advice that I need to check out and get any to all scholarships that I am able to get, or even apply for. I also think that I would need to save up and not have to worry about a job until after I get done with schooling. The more that you save and not spend the more money you will have to make it through college without having to take breaks in between years and then go back and still struggle more with school because you have forgotten what you learned before. I would also suggest that if you do have the money saved up that you start in college right away, for the same reason so you don't forget things you have learned. If you still need to save up money then I would suggest that you wait a year until you have some money saved up to attend without having any problems with school or money.


To be honest, after graduating high school and entering into college life, i wouldn't have much to say to myself. All through high school I worked and studied hard so I could achieve good grades, and be able to pay for my cell phone, gas, and insurance for my car. The only difference from now and then is that I have fewer friends (haha). One thing i might have told myself is that i have to put myself out there more and make friends in my classes. That way I'd be able to relate to the students more and have people to study with and motivate me. College is definitely a whole different experience, but in a way i think i was already preparing for it during high school.


I woul tell myself to prepare myself better. I felt that I was somewhat cheated in high school and babied, college is not like that. College is a challenge, but it is worth the ride. I would say be brave and confident in yourself, because unlike high school, it isn't all about the cliques and fitting in. The chance to go to college means the chance to find yourself and learn to go to into a more responsible adult. And I would also say don't lose your faith. Many times I was intimadated by other classmates and professors that I didn't get the chace to share my truth faith in Jesus Christ. Be bold, keep believing, and press forward even when things get tough. And NEVER EVER underestimate how special you are!


If I could talk to my precollege self, I would tell her research all of her options before choosing a major. I would also tell her to speak with an academic counselor as soon as she decided what degree program she wanted to take and find out the best way to achieve her goal. I would tell her to slow down and maybe join a club or extracurricular activity. Do not just go to class and go home. Find out what the college offers and expand your horizons. I would also tell her to make some friends and maybe generate some connections. Finally, I would tell her not to let all of the opportunities that arise slip by, no matter how scared she is to try new activities. This is a time to enhance your skills and your mind. Do not let it go to waste.


I would study more.


Do not go into college looking to earn a degree simply because it will get you a job in a practical career. Explore your interests! I cannot emphasize this enough. You will learn what you like to do, and you will learn what you love to do. Once you have realized what subject you enjoy the most, pursue every opportunity you can to gain experience in your field. You will be enjoying yourself immensely, while at the same time opening doors to educational and professional opportunities you never even dreamed were possible. Studying what you love is always the right thing to do. Believe this, live this belief, and you will go far.


dont pick to many classes. dont stretch yourself out too thin! you should also save up more money for books. that is one expense that most incoming college student dont factor in. i have payed $200 for one book for one class! if i knew how much books alone would cost i woul dhave saved more and applied for more scholarships


That in highschool certain aspects of school, and life in general, may not seem very important to the future. Turns out that a lot of those things are very important. The best plan is to do your best in everything, because you never know when a new oppurtunity might show up.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would stick to my decidion to go to a community college first. I am paying for school myself and it makes it really hard sometimes for me to keep up with payments. So far I have been working part time and going to school full time just to keep up with everything, I couldn't even imagine having the bill be three times as much right from the start! I know that if I would have chosen to go to a university right away I would have had to take out huge loans and would be paying them off years after I graduated and I knew that was not what I wanted. We are supposed to be going to college to get a better education so that we can have the better careers but what is the point of having a well paying job if you are going to be paying off your college loans the rest of your life? I do plan to transfer to a university next year, but I beleive, that going to the community college first helped me handle my money better.


I would tell myself to focus more on school work and study more than what I did. Also, to think about either going to a 2 yr college or 4 yr college. Because sometimes I wish I started out at a 4 yr university instead of coming to LCC.


I would tell myself to take advantage of my high school years by not taking for granted. My education would come first and I would always do my homework and study hard. I would always try to get on the honors society since that looks good a resume` and a college application. I would also attend classes everyday. I would reject getting involved with in crowd. I wouldn't care how anyone would tease or harass me. My education would take me somewhere one day. This is all that would matter to me. I would make a point to reiterate how the mistakes that you make in the past such as skipping school, getting suspended, teenage pregnancy, and teenage drug abuse. These irrational behaviors contribute to high school dropouts. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".


I would tell myself to buckle down pull all 4.0s school is important and either get grants for college or find student loans.


Making decisions for my future is hard I find myself in the shoes of an adult but still feel like a child. Since I did so poorly on my ACT my chances for going to a more prestigious college are slim. What education I receive will determine what job I have in the future. What I would emphasize the most is the importance of your ACT score and GPA. College and high school are different atmospheres but what is important to understand is the change involved between the two. Change is always occurring throughout one?s life but the transition between high school and college is crucial. Crucial because of the responsibilities and decisions you have to make regarding your future. This creates more pressure because you are viewed and expected to act like an adult. One encounters more peer pressure and adult like responsibility when entering college. The juggle between work and classes increase in pressure. The college you choose affects your future. College does not have a structured format like high school so procrastination can become a temptation. Some professors push their opinions so your own perspective and opinion is being put to the test.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself many things about college. The first thing I would tell myself is "go to college immediately!" Before I went to college I was working as a welder and was continually getting laid off. I would tell myself that the field I was getting into was not one that would do well for much longer. The second thing I would tell myself is that college is a great experience where I will learn many things that will help make me a more rounded individual. Another thing that I would tell myself is to pay more attention in math class so I don't have to study for the college placement test for such a long time. Their are many more things that I would tell myself but these three seem to be the most important.