Lansing Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing in my school is that the professors in the music program do help you out when it comes to presuing your goals, classes, and more.


The best thing about the school I am attending is that I am able to take my classes on line so I am able to continue to work my job and I do always have the option to physically attend class if I would like. Also, the professors really work with you to help you understand the course, they offer time to set aside to meet with you one on one . The school also offers a ton of different career choices and being able to have my credits transfer.


The best reason to attend Lansing Community College is the small class size and individual attention that a student receives. In addition, attending a two year community college allows students to prepare for a larger campus atmosphere and take core classes for less than at a traditional four year university.


The excellent support provided to enthusiastic students by faculty and advisors is the best thing about LCC. Professors are always willing to answer questions during and after class, and to provide advice and assistance to students in pursuing their further academic and professional goals. Academic counselors are ready and willing to work closely with students in planning and carrying out these goals as well.


i Love the prices. At lcc you get so much more then what you payfor. a class at MSU will cost you double and you have over 150 people in one class and you dont even get to speak to your instructors. At LCC i pay more then half the money, i dont have more than 25 students in any of my classes and the professors actually know everyones names. there very helpful and always give you many ways to contact them. if LCC offered 4 year degrees i would never leave!


Close; easy to get the classes I need and that best fit my schedule. This is good for the fact that I work part time to pay bill.