Lasell College Top Questions

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Lasell is a small, tight knit community. Classes are small and engaging. People get along well here for the most part.


It is close to my house and has a smaller student body than others.


What I find unique about my school is the connected learning process. Not only do you learn things in class but you also learn them out of class. With that comes the professor's experiences which gives you real life examples of what they are teaching you.


my school is small and has alot of extra activities that I take advantage of. It is a small close community that is based in a neighborhood, it was founded in 1851 and some of the orginal houses are still there.


It's a really close-knit community with lots of opportunities to get invovled on campus. Everyone is friendly and professors are helpful and want to get to know you personally. The location is also great because we are in a really nice suburban neaighborhood, but also very close to the T, so going into Boston is extremely easy.


We are an extremely small schoo, with only about 1500 students, so we have a very tight-knit community. Everyone says hi to everyone and is a very friendly campus.


The professors are very hands on


Thes size and location.


I wasn't just a number. When I called, they new me by my first name not my social security number. Also, campus is located in a residental area giving the school a warm comfortable fee.