Lasell College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


THIS IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL! You have to put forth the work. Your teachers, parents, and classmates can only help you so much. I had no one to tell me how college really was because no one in my entire family went to college and majority of my family didn't even graduate high school. I wish I knew what tricks to time management were coming into college.


I wish I knew how much work I have to put into school more than just what happens in class. Money is almost always the key to many things this world has to offer and if I knew that school was so much money I would have been out seeking as much money as I possibly could in my last months of high school. I also would have applied myself a lot more in my classes to recieve better grades that would then make scholarships a ton easier to obtain. Knowing that much maturity would be needed as well.


Nothing that I didnt already know


i wish i knew how to be living on my own a little bit more. i wish i learned to plan a little better.