Lawrence Technological University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at LTU are very close. Especially with those in your major. They are like family.


A lot of my classmates seemed to have a one set mind and thought less about the future. A lot students stayed in the streets and otheirs seemed lost.


My classmates were supportive, sophisticated, and determined students that made education artistic.


Student body is built on locals, out of states, and a large percentage of internationals. What students wear, ranges from grunge to professional all in the same class. Everyone is poverty stricken when they come here, unless they have a rich uncle who buys everything for them.


My classmates are positive, encouraging and motivated individuals.


My classmates are quite diverse, but at the same time eveyone gets along and is helpful.


very diverse, hardcore nerds, to party people, wide range.


Helpfull, Competative, fun.


My classmates in general are busy and dedicated to their work, especially the architecture studio courses.


The students that attend my school are very goal oriented. Many of the students come from across the world just to attend this school because it is one of the best for engineering and other majors. The students in general are of all ages; mostly ranging from 20-30. Some are the types you would expect to be there such as the ones typical people would call "nerds" or "geeks" and other students are the ones you wouldnt really imagine attending a school like Lawrence. All in all every student is different because they are their own person.


well rounded and diverse