Lawrence Technological University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing I about my school is that it is a highly recognized University for its Engineering and Architecture and yet isnt state funded. Its one of those schools who are known for graduating intelligent sucessful students


Students always help each other and we are all know each other and we are friends.


The best thing about Lawrence Technological University is the small class size. You get more personal time with your professors which helps you excell in your classes.


The best thing about our school is our reputation. Lawrence Tech gradutes are the highest choosen workers in the Architecture field in Michigan. However, you must create your own reputation within the school to get yourself to the level that previous graduates attain. It is extremely hard for students to do well in this school; that is why we are so small. But the graduates that this school creates are exactly what firms want: hardworking and environmently conscience.


In my eyes, the best thing about my school is the small class sizes. It gives a more personal touch to the classes and makes it easier to learn. With smaller class sizes, there is a larger teacher to student ratio than if we had larger classes wich provides the sutdents more one on one time with the professors.


good size