Le Moyne College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very friendly and diversee. There are alot of people students that are from differnt countries-- some are exchange students and many are refugees.


My classmates and I have alot in common, we are all Biology Majors, we all live on the same floor in my dorm and we struggle with the same homework problems.


I love my classmates. There are so many different types of people at Le Moyne and there's someone for everyone. Sure, there's going to be some people that you don't get along with, but you just have to find who you fit in with, and you will. I've made some really great friends who I can tell will be my friends for quite some time. My classmates are open to the diversity at Le Moyne and are not quick to judge.


All of my classmates are people who it is easy to talk to and make friends with, and they are very helpful in clearifying any material, answering any questions about a certain course, forming study groups with, or simply hanging out with.




LeMoyne students are well-rounded and are ready to further their education.


The majority of my class is partiers,they love to have a good time but when work needs to be done they get it done


Most of my classmates take a more vested interest in their education than I expected, even in the core required classes.


Of the students at Le Moyne, it seems that 90% are caucasion and the other 10% are everything else, and despite the lack of diversity it can strongly be said that 100% of these young adults are here to learn and make a positive change in the world at some point in their lives.


My classmates are very friendly and everyone seems to have a common goal.


I'm not going to lie, it's mostly white kids. But there are many ethnicities on campus, and there are Latino, Asian, African-American, Muslim and Irish clubs on campus focused on ethnic backgrounds. There's the usual stereotypical groups: smart kids, rich kids, skater kids, dorks, stoners...but just about everyone is friendly with everyone else. Everyone hangs out with everyone, especially freshman year. Both Republicans and Democrats are pretty evenly distributed on campus and both parties have clubs on campus. Most people love the school, if someone doesn't like the school it's probably because they had a bad experience (ie, awful roomate) early on. Just about everyone I know loves the school.


My classmates are all very friendly and helpful. Everyone cares about you and makes sure you are ok. My classmates want to help other classmates learn and are respectful to the teachers and other students.


My classmates are very driven and inquisitive. I find some friendly and some not so friendly. It is our fresman year and we are all slowly learning to be on our own for the first time.


My classmates are fun, smart and understanding.


My classmates seem to live for the weekend and are not interested in learning about new cultures.


Some are very hard working and driven some are lazy and party too much.


My fellow classmates at Le Moyne are generally confident and secure. After a few days in class everyone starts to feel comfortable with one another.


People who do not want to leave home or grow up.


They are very friendly and helpful.


very friendly, helpful, brings lot os new ideas to the classroom.


Energetic, eager, willing to learn inside and outside the classroom, learning from all situations to better themselves as a whole.