Le Moyne College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Most people are extremely friendly! RAs especially, the RA selection process is pretty intense. Many people have doors wide open, and the lounges are always full of people talking/studying/goofing around. Everyone is in at least one or two clubs, and if you aren't on one of the NCAA sports teams most people are involved in the club teams or the intramural games which are pretty fun. We don't have frats/sororities, but most parties take place at sports team houses within walking distance of campus. Parties are pretty frequent, and if there isn't anything going on at LMC, the SU greek houses are a $5-10 cab ride away which is convenient. There's always some kind of student programming event Thurs-Sun nights for those who don't like to drink, such as bingo/movie night/bowling/snow tubing. Dances are VERY well attended, Halloween Dance, Snow Ball and Blacklight Dance especially.