Le Moyne College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Not much really, I havn't really particiapated in many of the things that the school offers becaues I am still trying to get the hang of whats going on and how my classes are. But if you really asked anyone around here they would probaly say that Dolphy Day was the best thing that the school has here. It's like a holiday on campus where students dont go to class and the hang out in the court yard, the school provides food and entertainment.


Le Moyne makes it easy to fit in. I feel welcome into any club I have interest in and enjoy all activities the colleg has for its students on a weekly basis. It is a small school so it is easy to get to know people quickly and maintain lasting relationships because the odds of seeing them walking around the beautiful campus are very high.


Everyone at school feels like family. The people at Le Moyne are genuinely kind people, and they want to help others. The professors at Le Moyne also care about their students and want to see them succeed. Classes are small and I know many of my professors very well. I feel most comfortable at Le Moyne when I know I am cared about by friends, professors, and faculty. Because Le Moyne is small the students receive one-on-one attention and offers the opportunity for each student to flourish.


I brag about the idea that everyone is friendly and it isn't unusual to smile at someone you dont know and get a welcoming response. I also brag about how beautiful the campus is and its location.


I talk about my smaller classes. How everyone gets to be ingaged into the conversations and allowed to speak their opinions. Its great to know that if you have a problem, they faculty is their to aid you and make sure everything works out.


The familial aspect of the student-professor relationship completely contradicts the norm. I've never had a professor who couldn't remember my name or had a TA who did all the work. The size of the campus helps maintain that relationship.


The best thing about LeMoyne is the community feel of the campus, as well as the small class size which yields more one on one interactions with he professors.


I brag most about the small size and sense of community felt within the campus. I love it. Professors are easy to talk to even if you are just walking by and don't have an appointment set up. They are focused more on their students and the students' success rather than on research and they also know you by name.


I don't really brag about my school too much; I find people that do highly irritating. When I do talk about it, I mention that we've just received a large endowment that will allow us to completely update our science program and possibly make it competitive.


I am always telling them about the great activities and concerts they have going on here. There is a comedian every Thursday, and at least once a year, they have 1, if not more, well known artist performing.


Le Moyne gets you set up with a job immediatly and almost definitely. It is a great small campus so no long walks to classes. Small classes so it is easy to talk to professors.


Classes are small and professors are extremely helpful. There is always events going on and the school looks for new ideas constantly to improve the college


quality of teachers and classes and friendly enviornment


There is really great job placement. Everyone at Le Moyne is really friendly. It's not a huge party school but there are still a lot of places to have fun.


I brag that we just got a $50 million dollar grant to build new science facilities and to develop new and existing programs while keeping the cost affordable. I also brag that as a liberal arts Jesuit college, we learn not only practical field-applicable stuff, but also the more important things like core values (all without jaming religion down our throats; they are tolerant of and actually encourage different beliefs). Le Moyne is a great school with professors who take a personal interest in their students. The student body is united and very active in their own development.


I had really high grades because I worked really hard.


I like to tell people about how nice the campus is and how well everything flows. I love living here, and it's so beautiful, no matter what the season. The first time I visited the campus was when I knew that it was the college I was going to attend.


The friendly people and comfortable, close atmosphere, as well as the park-like campus.