Le Moyne College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The enviornment. The people are friendly and the professors and faculty make you feel welcomed and are helpful.


I'm not really sure I have only been here for a semester it seems that they have a lot of activies for individuals to particiapate in. Which is nice if you are somone who likes to keep busy and socialize frequently.


The school has a small teacher to student ration which allows for interaction between professor and student.


The classes and teachers are all very good and interesting. I have not taken a class yet that I didn't like. I have learned something to help me in the future in every class. The Jesuit style of beliefs has helped to mold me into a better well-rounded person and better prepared me for my future career.


The school was small, individual attention, and provided excellent out-of-classroom learning experiences.


Great Enviroment and people.


The best thing about my school is the ability to learn in a small classroom. With classes being the size of most high school classes it is easy to discuss any difficulties with your professor and it makes it a lot easier to get to know the people living around you. With classes being small I feel that I have been more vocal in class allowing me to understand the material more along with having a teacher know who I am, which is a great thing to have.


Small, family atmosphere.


It is a great place to socialize and the professors are amazingly educated and helpful.


I think the best thing about this school are the people and the class sizes. I did not want to go to a big school and I wanted it to feel like home because I knew I would be living on campus, and this college does feel like home to me during the school year.


The best thing about my school is the size. Our school is a very small school (between 1,000-2,000) undergraduates in total. I feel that this is the best feature of my school because it's a small and intimate environment/community and because of its size, you're able to get alot of nurture and one-on-one which is usually what most first-year students and college students in general need.


Small class sizes allow for students to really benefit from their teachers' knowledge and attention


I consider the best thing at Le Moyne College to be the atmosphere. It is not a large school and everyone seems to know one another. Also, the professors at Le Moyne College are personable and pay fine attention to the students needs and concerns.


The best thing about Le Moyne College is the high level of involvement the professors have with their students. There is a small teacher to student ratio; I never felt like a nameless face in a sea of faces. My professors all knew my name and really cared how I was performing in their class. They enjoyed teaching and wanted their students to learn. If I had a question or problem, I was comfortable talking with my professors and asking for help. To me, this makes Le Moyne College a fantastic learning environment.


The availability of the professors and tutoring if you're struggling in a subject. The professors know what they're teaching about, and you learn a lot from the material they provide for you.


Professors are helpful because the majority of them tries to help you outside of the class.


There are activities every week to participate and many intramural sports to participate in throughout the school year.


The bes thing about Le Moyne is the campus. There is a lot of green space and it is pretty small. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to class and all the academic buildings are connecting so when it is snowy or raining you do not have to go outside. It is located outside of the city in the suburbs but close enough to go downtown in about ten minutes.


The best thing about my school is easily the people who attend.


The best thing about LeMoyne is the friendliness of the faculty and students and the tight-knit community.




The Jesuit education. Le Moyne focuses on educating the whole person. Core courses help to form and shape the worldview of the student to enter the career field with an open mind and a diverse unique education.


The size of the campus and the professors take a great intrest in the students and most of them have real world experince.


The faculty and staff are very supportive of the students here. They are willing to help when made aware of any difficulties, and often are able to suggest really solid solutions to problems