Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

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Lebanon Valley College has a surprise day in the Spring semester called "Dutchmen Day." On this day students are woken up by airhorns blowing and student government running through the dorms yelling "it's Dutchmen Day!" Classes are cancelled, fun activities are planned for the entire day and everyone receives a free t-shirt. Students enjoy activities such as playing on giant inflatables, eating ice cream sundaes and funnel cake, listening to concerts and music throughout campus, watching free movies, playing games and winning prizes. Students have fun guessing when Dutchmen Day will be since it is always a surprise.


Lebanon Valley College has a very safe and close-knit campus in comparison to other schools I considered. You find yourself recognizing, if not knowing, almost everyone you pass on the sidewalk. Lebanon Valley College is also really unique because it offers a six year doctoral physical therapy program that you can be accepted into as a freshman. This allows you to get your degree in less time than you would at most other schools where physical therapy is only offered as a graduate program.


The Physical Therapy program here is awesome, the food is better than most other schools I visited, and I love the small campus feel. Everybody is like family, especially in my dorm. At LVC, they also have numerous activities on weekends that are usually free and a fun time for everybody to get together and relax!


It's a small community based campus with only about 1700 students total. It's very focused on acedemics and provides scholarships for students depending on their class rank. The top 10% can get half off tutition, top 20% a third off tutition and top 30% a quarter off tuition. It's easy to get to know any professors you have because the class sizes are small and the professors are almost always willing to help you if you are having any problems.


Lebanon Valley?s campus is really a community of itself. There are two parts to the campus, the athletic facilities and the academic/residential facilities; separated by a set of railroad tracks. The athletic fields are state of the art and the school has received awards for having some of the best in the nation. The academic and residential facilities are a mix of older buildings and new ones. All of the buildings are located within short walking distance and the campus makes up its own community, helping to keep students relatively safe.


The thing that I find the most unique about our school is that in our Education program, we as students are able to get into a classroom our first semester to observe. The other schools that I looked at did not allow for observations until Junior/Senior years before student teaching. At LVC we are able to experience the classroom right away as Freshmen- I really like that!