Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I feel that that best thing about Lebanon Vally college is that since it is such a small campus and there is a pretty small amount of students, the classes are relatively small. This lets the professors be more engaged with the students in class and can easily help all the students individually. The professors at LVC are extremely helpful and will go the extra mile to make sure you are understanding the class well.


The best thing about this cool is the personal interaction with the professors. They truly do want each student to succeed and are great mentors if advice is ever needed.


I consider the small community the best thing about my school. With only about 1600 students on campus in total, we are all one happy community always willing to help one another. Lebanon Valley College was the best fit for me because I wanted to feel like a person in class and not just a number. Each professor knows their students on a personal level and it makes students feel like they belong to a community on this campus.


They are acepting of others. They are open minded about others race, sexual orientation and their academic are outstanding.


The best thing about this school is that it is small which allows for close interactions with students and other professors. It is extremely easily to get involved in groups on campus and become active on campus. The size of the school also allows students to utilize their professors not just as teacher, but also as mentors for the rest of their lives.


I love the "family" feel. The faces of everyone on campus are so familar. I also love the small class size.


The small classroom settings. My professors know me by name. They are very willing to us understand what we are learning. I feel like I am really understanding what is being taught and I am learning how to apply it to my everyday life.


I like that LVC has so many different clubs and activity groups for every religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. Everyone who attends can find at least one group that interests them.


The professors are extremely knowledgable in their field and are very helpful. They all have office hours and if you can't make it during their office hours they will make an appointment that works for you. If they can't meet with you during their regular day they will stay late to answer your questions. Many even have an open door policy so you can meet with them whenever their door is open. Not only are the always available, but they are always happy to help.


Lebanon Valley is a small school and is has a great atmosphere. Everyone seems to be very nice and the college is also very pretty. They offer a lot of different majors that are often hard to find in other schools. Each major also has a focus that you can pick, so it applies to more of what you like. The college is also located between many convienient places, such as Hershey park, Park City Mall, and other various locations nearby.


Nice campus, good sports program


Class size. Small classes promote better understanding of course material and allow for student/professor interaction.


I love the small campus atmosphere. Almost all of the professors I've had so far make themselves available to you if you need help. Out of all the professors I've had so far, there is only one that I really disliked and she is no longer at LVC. The atmosphere at LVC is defintely one of a community or family of people.


The best thing about LVC is the Chemistry department and its emphasis on research and laboratory skills. The professors are great, and become great mentors and friends. If not for this department, I would have transferred long ago.