Lee University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


As a student at lee you feel part of the lee family.


My school is very inviting, helpful, and friendly but can be somewhat boring at times.


Lee university is a thriving campus that values other's before ourselves, stacked with Professors who genuinely care about their students, and a body of diverse students who take great joy in spreading love and joy to others.


Lee is a kind campus where the majority tries to put God first.


My school is a home, a safe learning environment, a fresh start, and a place to grow, build, and develop yourself as an individual, a US citizen, a global citizen, and piece of America's future.


Lee is a wonderful place. The environment is very friendly. When people say it's like parents teaching children, it truly is. The teachers care about you like you're family. People are constantly so encouraging in every way possible. If you need prayer for anything, you can ask almost anyone. The education is top-notch, especially for such a small school! It's a wonderful place and I love it!


Lee University's campus is very beautiful and everyone is friendly and helpful.


It is a place that strives to institute an atmosphere of critical thinking within its students along with academic expertise and social efficacy.


Lee University is a private and affordable Christ-centered university, that is welcoming to students from all around the world, including all faiths and denominations. Lee provides a unique learning enviorment, that allows students to learn about not only the class material, but also, about themselves. The faculty and staff at Lee are all so passionate about their positions at Lee and the subjects they teach. This passion radiates to students and the surrounding enviorment. When a person arrives on campus, he or she can feel how comfortable and welcoming the enviorment. Overall, Lee is a growing and learning experience.


It is full with amazing teachers, students, and a wonderful God to get connected to.


I attend a christian campus filled with many christian students and faculty, we have two mandatory chapels a week, and my classes have devotions before they start.


Lee University is a private, comprehensive university emerging as a leader in higher education in the southeastern region and developing within students the knowledge, appreciation, understanding, ability, and skills which will prepare them for responsible Christian living in the modern world.


The most amazing Christ-center, energetic university in the whole world!


Lee University is a Christ-centered, liberal arts university with diverse students and professors; overall it is a college with their hearts and minds focused first on God, second on education, and third on the way they can spread Jesus's love to the world.


Lee University is a college where a young adult is able to grow as an individual, christian, and as a responsible citizen; a student is able to fully develop into a mature adult in which they are able to better serve their community by attending Lee.


A Christ centered campus where Christ is King.


Lee University is a small Christian liberal arts university that is more concerned with equiping their students with the tools and education for a successful life rather than simply supplying the necessary information for a specific career.


Lee University is a school full of great opportunities, top proffessors that genuinely care about their students, and incredible people.


The most amazing and beautiful school I have ever seen.


Lee University is a great school that gives experience in not only the academic world but, religion as well.


Lee University has a very friendly atmosphere, the students and professors care about you and your success as a student.


Lee is friendly, can sometimes be overbearingly so, but I like it.


God surrounds everything about Lee.


Lee Univeristy is place of high academic standards and caring friendly teachers and students.


Christ centered.


A perfectly-sized, Christ-centered atmosphere with many friendly students and profesors who make Lee feel like a second home.


It is a great place to grow spiritually as well as personally and to learn who you are.


it is a friendly and acdemically challenged school


It is a great place to come to grow and learn.


Lee University is a place where someone can come in and expect to be educated by professors that truly care and can also learn more about themselves in a way they never thought possible.


My school is a very friendly and has a good atmosphere


Lee is small, private, safe, a little stingy on the financial aid, but very much focused upon academics.