Lee University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


To me, the most frustratng thing about Lee University is the required chapel attendence policy. Do not get me wrong, I would still go to several of the chapels on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I think it is a bit much to enfore such a strict policy when dealing with such a hectic college schedule filled with studying and extracurricular activities. Some services may be mandatory; however, the high percentage that is required is too extreme and quite unrealistic.


The nature and expense of the mealplan is frustrating. Although there is good food as far as school cafeterias go, and a chick-fil-a, Dunkin' doughnuts, and Eintstein's Bagels, and Subway on campus where one can use a meal, the meal plan is expensive and only translates to about $4.00 when buying something from one of the on-campus food places.


I think the most frustrating thing about Lee is there are too many events to go to. It is hard to find time to go to every event you want to got to because they overlap or you need to study. There are so many fun events and things to go to that there isn't enough time to go to them all and experience them. Sometimes you have other commitments or you need to study and just can't go. Having so many events is a good thing but it is frustrating because you can't see them all.


The most frustrating thing about Lee University is that there occasionally seems to be a lack of communication between the various departments regarding policies.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that as an online student, sometimes I feel like the course's plan and work is too dull and easy.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the judgment regarding the rules in the community covenant. I find it frustrating that there are some people who come to a liberal arts Christian school expecting it to be a perfect school with no partying. Then, when someone "breaks" the CC, it seems like someone committed mass murder. I do understand, however, people have been raised in different environments and may not be used to people doing things they have looked down on most of their life.


The most widely felt frustration among the Lee University student body is the amount of parking space, or rather lack thereof. We desperately need more room for our cars!


I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is frustrating, but the cafeteria food at Lee University can get a little predictable at times. It is actually pretty tasty and healthy food, but eating the same thing every other day can get a little bland. Fortunately, they chose to renovate the cafeteria over the summer and plan to have a new menu for this upcoming fall. Also, they provide other food distributors conveniently on campus if the cafeteria does not temp your taste buds.


The students using laptops while in class. It is hard to listen to the professor giving a lecture when most of the students are typing away on their laptops. I would much rather use a notebook and pen, which does not make any noise at all.


Boys are not allowed in the girls' dorms and vice-versa.


The most frustrating thing is that we have to walk from building to building outside in the elements.


I absolutely love my school. I have nothing but good things to say about my peers, my professors and the new friends I have made at Lee University. I am inspired by my professors and pastors. They keep encouraging me and takes the time to sit and talk to me regarding any issues I have.


The most frustrating thing about my colleges, like all colleges in the united States, is the requirement for core classes that are not applicable to my major, but I believe that most students feel this way about these classes.


Classes at Lee University can be pretty tough. You better be prepared to study quite a bit. After all, that's what college is about! However, it can be hard to write a paper in the dorm with lots of noise. Thankfully, there is a library on campus within walking distance of any direction. Also, there is a curfew during the week as well a later one on weekends. It only applies to Freshman with less than 30 hours who are younger than 20 years of age.


There are a lot of rules you agree to when coming to this school. The part I hate most is chapel. It is required and I knew it when I decided to come here but I didn't know it would be so...non-fulfilling. Most of the time I don't get anything out of it and I feel that some of the students watching fake worship. I go to sleep.


There isn't a very active nightlife around Cleveland and it is pretty small so you can get bored easily if you aren't creative. It rains alot here and there seem to be two extreme brackets of individuals sometimes. Either very liberal or very conservative.


Well, speaking from the perspective that this is my first year here from being transfered from another college. It's hard to find something frustrating about it at the moment, but I can say this. Its very frustrating just trying to find the funds to attend college, and thats everywhere that you will go.


There are not many frustrating things about Lee. I really enjoy it. It can be difficult when we have so many required things to do and not all of the time in the world to accomplish them.


Sometimes people do not know the answers in the business dept. or in class selection, but they refer you to someone else. It rains a lot also.


It is sometimes hard to get through all the red tape, but that comes with any school.


Every person who graduates from Lee University graduates with a minor in religion as well as participating in a study abroad. Because of the required minor in religion, it is hard to earn a Bachelors degree in just four years without taking summer classes.




Some come to this school with misconceptions of what it is going to be like because it is a private school. While it may have a community covenant that students must abide by it is still a university in which you feel you have freedom.




The dinning services