Lehigh University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There's very strong international focus in extracurricular programs and activites. Lehigh has great study abroad programs and does its best to make them accessible to students, with loans and scholarships. Lehigh has a good alumni network, and many of the alumni are especially active in the fields where I plan to work in the future. There's a good amount of students on campus, not too many and not too few. It's also within 2-hours' drive of two metropolitan areas, and it's very easy to travel on weekends and breaks.


The prestige of Lehigh University opens many doors to different internships and jobs. As of 2015 it ranks at number 40 of the top nationally ranked colleges according the US News, and many people are aware of this accolade. The opportunities that Lehigh provides is worth all of your time and money.


Great social life, helps so much for the real world


I brag most about our close proximity to Philadelphia and New York City.


Lehigh University offers small class sizes that allow the students to better understand the material and get to know the proffesor. Small classes make such a difference, and while many colleges start off with larger lectures and only offer small classes when you get farther into your major, there are a variety of small classes offered to freshmen. Even the lectures are not extremely big.


This is a research school. But at the same time, it is also a party school. During the weekdays, students here study a lot, because we have a lot of homework to do. As an international studnet and a slow reader, I must push myself and spend much more time then other American students to focus on study. I think we have a great study environment in Lehigh during weekdays. But at the weekends, students always go to party to have fun.


Great school, great students, great professors! I am very happy with my decision to attend Lehigh University. It is top notch in every way!


My school is a beautiful place full of awesome people, and it has an amazing choral arts program. Our football games are so much fun because we're all so full of school spirit. It's a wonderful place to hang out, party, learn, and get ready for "the real world."


it is ranked in the top 50 colleges in the United States and it is close to New York and Philadelphia


Ranked one of the best schools in the country, awesome and intelligent people, loyal friends, great experience, challenging classes


It's lots of fun and I made better friends here than I could have ever imagined. I'm closer to the people here than anyone from home. In addition, the faculty cares about me personally, I'm not just another number that theyre trying to push through school. They value my grades, what I can add to the programs at this school, and what I can do for the community. Although they say we're very clicky, it's a safe, homely enviornment.