Lehigh University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?




I can only speak on behalf of myself, and having only been a Lehigh student for a semester, the most frustrating thing about my time here is that everyone is extraordinary. While that is far from a negative thing, it can be incredibly frustrating because everyone excels academically and suddenly a valedictorian is only in the middle of the pack. It can be tough to watch students around you perform so well while you study tirelessly. However, if a student puts in the work, he or she can do just as well, so it isn't too hard to overcome.


The websites. Apparently, even though there are literally hundreds of young, tech-savvy engineers at Lehigh, they still haven't figured out how to make a page reasonably simple to navigate, and the registration process has been hellish in the past due to site failures.


Its built on a hill and it rains/snows constantly. Its acedemically challenging and the tuition is costly.


The most frustrating aspect of Lehigh University is the location of the campus -- on the side of a mountain! There are many hills, slopes, and stairs on campus, that by the time I get to my classes, my legs are burning and I'm out of breath. However, the advantage of living on the side of a mountain is that I don't have to worry about the dreaded "Freshman 15" because getting around is a workout in itself. It's almost a joke that we also have a gym facility on campus as well.


The most frustrating thing would have to be the campus. Its absolutely beautiful but it happens to be on a hill, quite a pain until you make yourself get used to it.


The math department is the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered. While taking calculus, I learned the material, but then the tests and exams were all rediculously difficult. I always felt like they wanted and anticipated you to fail these examinations unless you devoted your life to the point where you start having health problems. This happened to a few friends of mine.


The most frustrating thing is that because most of the students come from upper-middle to upper class families in America, many are White, and therefore may discriminate against the minorities who are sometimes few in number depending on their ethnicity.


The tuition expenses and high prices of the meal plans


That I had to graduate on time and leave.


People are very apathetic in terms of involvment around campus. No one is in clubs and no one goes to sporting events


The lack of creating a community that encourages unity among the diverse groups of students. It is EXTREMELY cliquey.


Staff are jerks; administration doesn't care about students and no one is helpful at all. Professors are allowed to scream at students for 30 mins and also are not required to answer student questions when the professor does the school a "favor" for teaching the course.


The pressure to do well and to succeed and the amount of work.


So much work, and this is needed because of the level of the school, but i still love it.