Lewis-Clark State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The lost cost of tuiton of all 4 year colleges in the state


I'd like to say our school is best known for their student to teacher ratio. The classes aren't extremely small, but they aren't exactly huge either. Each class is just the right size for each professor to ineract with each student and make them feel very important, while some schools have lots of students in each class and it can become difficult for professors to be on a name to name basis with their students. Anyone looking to ineract with their professor on a comfortable level both academically and happily, Lewis-Clark State is for you.


Great Nursing and Buisness programs. Low tuition.


Lowst tuition price


Small classroom sizes (17 to 1 currently), a great baseball team (NAIA champions), and a stong community relationship. When you need to help from professors they are always available, its the best little 4year colllege in the northwest! The business and nursing programs are top grade and there is a multitude of career opportunities both locally and out of the area when you graduate. At Lewis-Clark state college you can expect one-on-one career counciling, you will be given every opportunity to succeed, and encouragement everyday to reach your goals.

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