Lewis-Clark State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




The worst thing about this school is that its just too small, there is no football team, and i like football. Also various other things like the hours of the food court are awful.


I do not think there is anything bad about this school. I have had a great experience here and look forward to finishing up my education right here.


I don't consider anything about my school as bad...if I had to choose; maybe that the seats are uncomfortable.


The administration seems to fight against the students progress. The finantial aid office is full of very rude women and the administrative side seems to be spread out and hard to find around campus. Things are in three different buildings and communication between the offices is not existant. Sometimes it seems the administration is protective of their image more than they are focused on earning that image. It also doesn't help that our president likes to drink.


When and where the classes are.

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