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What kind of person should not attend this school?




Lewis University is a beautiful school but, just like every other college/university, it isn’t for everyone. If you want to attend a college that has a big student population and has a lot of extracurricular events going on almost every day, then Lewis University isn’t for you. Also, if you want to live in a college that is in the middle of a big city you should probably reconsider going to Lewis. The University is located in Romeoville which is a small suburb in Illinois and the campus is also enclosed.


The student looking for a big campus party life, should avoid this school. Lewis University is has a small community feel, where one would feel welcome anywhere on campus. If the student is looking for a big city feel, this is not for you.


Lewis is a great school with a lot of diversity and great professors. However it isn't an easy school, professors expect more from you and you'll have to work hard to be good student.


there are none.


Anyone who wants to be in a big school with lots of different majors available to choose from should not attend Lewis.


Lewis University is a small school, so students who want a big school experience not get that here. This school is not for people who want to join sororities of frats.


A person who does not like to study very much should not attend Lewis University. It is a very tough school, and it requires studying for at least ten hours a week. Most students, like myself, also work outside of school so it is tough to get in all the study time that I need.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are all about going out or the social aspect of college. There aren't tons of parties, and most students care a lot about thier studies. Also, don't attend this school if you don't plan on coming to class a lot because the class size is small and most classes take attendance. Most of the teachers are active with their students so they know if you are there or not.


Anyone who likes a small school, small one on one classrooms and anyone who does not enjoy class discussions should not attend this school because these are all the amazing traits that my school holds.


I don't think shy students should attend this school. You need to be outgoing and willing to go outside of your comfort zone in order to make friends.


There is no answer for this question, Lewis University is a sanctafied zone. Which means that it is accepting of all types of people.


People who are concerened with growing intillectually with an acadmeic focus should go here. Outside of the classroom, there is little this schol has to offer. However, the teachers are mostly effective and the classtime is valuable.


A person who is not dedicated and is not friendly should not attend Lewis. The students and falcuty here are very sociable and willing to lend a hand if one is ever needed.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard


I think that this school is perfect who takes committment seriously. It does not discriminate.


Someone who doesn't like to be involved that much, and who doesn't feel comfortable working with others or speaking with others.


A person who is not serious about their education should not attend Lewis. A person who is not open to new experiences should not attend Lewis.


A person that does not want to work for their education, someone who wants an easy A without putting any effort towards it.


If you are looking for a party school this is not the school for you. Also, if you aren't someone you would consider to like religion I would not go here because they make you take at least one Theology course which is the study of religion.


Because this is a LaSallian and Catholic university I would not recommend people that have faith in different religions and follow it very restrictly; even though, it would be very interesting to learn about different religions and beliefs as well. Other than that it hard to define would not be allowed to go to school. School is public to any individual, from youger ages until later. Come in and ejoy it! Studying is always fun in here!


Academically speaking, as long as the student is within the university's academic requirements, I feel that no student should be denied admission. Students should be expelled however if they do not maintain a 2.0 GPA. Also, those students who cheat, plagiaraze, and have excess drug use should no longer be allowed to attend Lewis University.


Somebody who likes large schools or somebody who isn't open to catholic ideas. Not that one has to be Catholic, I'm not, but you have to be able to deal with the ideas because you will hear them alot and must take a couple of classes.


A person that should not attend this school would have to be someone that is not serious about continuing their education. School is a place to learn, but if you don't want to learn, then why come. Also, it waste time and money.


I feel that anyone can attend this school. The only obsticle that would stop a person from coming to this school is there commitment to school and the dedication they have for their work.


The kind of person shouldn't attend is someone who is a slacker or messy. You need to work hard to get great grades and it is not easy. Also, we don't want anyone messy because the campus is so beautiful!


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Lewis University would probabaly be someone who expects to party and be in a "big campus" environment.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they are not dedicated and hard working.


If an individual is not dedicated to their studies and just wants to socialize all the time, then they may want to reconsider paying the pricetag just to hang out with friends. There needs to be a balance between school, work, and friends. Lewis will guide students in time management.


There is not one person that should not attend this school. Even though it is a school based around the Catholic and Lasallian heritage, we have a ride variety of students of different cultures, religions, and countries in general. We take much pride in the diversity of our student body. The bigger variety we have means more different viewpoints and learning advantages.


If a student is not serious about school they should not use up state monies that could be best applied to the education of a student who wants to attend but can't afford the tuition.


I would have to say there really is not any type of people who shouldn't attend Lewis University. It's a very diverese campus and offers a lot of different types of courses.


Lewis University encompasses people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and values. It is a diverse and esteemed school that appreciates and encourages all of its students. The only people that shouldn't attend Lewis University are those that are not interested in obtaining a great education or learning about the many cultures of the world.


A person who should not attend this school is a person that wants to party all the time.


I think that my school is good for everyone because if you like to be by yourself then this school works for you vecause you can be in small classes and do things in the class and even out of class you can find a nice private place to be by yourself. And even if you don't want to be all be yourself you can fine an activety that you can join in and have fun with a group of people. Also there is a variety of class to take so i think that the school works for everyone.


People shouldnt come to this school if they have no intentions to succeed in a career or have no interest with moving forward.


A person that should not attend Lewis University is a person who likes a big school, a person who wants co-ed dorm halls, a person who wants to play football for the school because we do not have a football team, and/or a person who does not work hard for grades.


This university is really open to everyone no matter what race, background, or age


someone who wants a city life experience and someone who wants to be known as a number rahter than by their names


This is a very friendly conservative midwest college. Most motivated students would do well here academically. The campus is seperate from everything around it, so if you are looking for a campus adjacent to a town this is not it. This is a campus where you need a car to go anywhere, so if you don't have one, you will struggle to find things to do and places to shop.


Lazy people.


A huge party, frat/ sorority wanting person shouldn't attend school here. There are parties but not the wild crazy ones you see on tv.


A person who will be dedicated to their work and learning. Also, a friendly person. Lewis is full of nice, friendly, and talkative people.


Someone who's more worried about parties and socializing than their actual education. There are people who party, but it's not excessive like it can be at bigger campuses. There isn't always something to do on the weekends here because it IS a small campus, so someone who prefers bigger schools and more socializing probably wouldn't be happy here.

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