Liberty University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I LOVE my school, it is the best school I have been to. If you are going online or to the campus, Liberty is amazing in so many ways. They really care about their students, despite the fact that they have a TON of them. They take the time to learn about you, talk to you, help you. The staff and faculty are loving people who do their best to give you a good education if you are willing to reach out and work for it. The whole town surrounding the campus is influenced by the school and in good ways. The campus itself is just beautiful and amazing and the students do great things. I have never once regretted choosing Liberty.


The best thing about this school is the Christian environment. It really comes in handed when you are having a challenge in life and just need some encouragement. Student and faculty you do know will encourage and pray with you. I believe the school size is just right. People impressed to hear me say, "I am Liberty University!"


Excellent Online Educational Program


I would like to start by saying Liberty has been a great experience for me. The moment I made the decision to attend liberty I know it was going to be a challenge and a wonderful experience at the same time. While attending liberty I've been able to learn more about the bible and how I can help get the word of God out to others in positive light along with helping them to understand what it truly means to serve God. The experience has cause me to grow in ways that only action can explain how great it has been thus far.


I am an online student through Liberty and I am finding it very difficult. I am someone who needs to be interacting and not online looking in from the outside. If you love to read this is the school for you. Most of your assignments will be reading a multitude of books. Last term (8 weeks) I had four full size books to read plus several power points. Not a fast reader so this is also not the school for you if you do not learn well strictly from a book. Hard to connect to the school and feel like you are actually a supported student through the school when you are online.


I enjoy taking classes at Liberty. The online layout is simple and easy to use. My teachers are friendly and easy to communicate with. I wish to continue taking classes at Liberty.


I am in love with this University. Through school and friends, Liberty has made me a better person in my faith and in general. I work had to take a semester off because of financial reasons, but i work everyday just to make enough cash to come back again, I am in a fight with my parents all the time about this University. I will do anything to be back at this University


Liberty University is a large campus with all the perks a large school brings. They have a multitude of programs and degrees, expansive facilities, professional teaching equipment, great professors, and a diverse student body. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming, the representatives respectful and helpful.


I believe that Liberty University offers a wide variety of education options for both new students just graduating high school, to working adults looking to better their education, advance their careers, and/or change to a different career path. It is a faith based university and the different course curriculum reflect the importance of faith in our lives and in our choice of career paths.


Liberty is a wonderful school and I am proud to be associated with this school as a student.


Liberty University is a great Christian school. The professors truly care about the students. Almost everyone here welcomes all types of people with open arms. The student body as a whole is great.


I love Liberty University the rules may be strict but they keep you in line and its changed my life for the better!


Liberty University is a HORRIBLE school. I've had nothing but problems with their online Blackboard. I've had the Blackboard shut down during exams. I've submitted research papers that showed was downloaded then instructors claiming they didn't receive them. It doesn't do any good to complain to anybody at Liberty University. They just don't care. Their online website is a SCAM!!! The academic advisors are worthless. All I ever hear is, "I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you." I thought advisors were suppose to ADVISE students.


My overall opinion of Liberty University is that it is a well rounded institution offering many programs on campus and online for degree seeking applicants. The motto, "Training Champions for Christ, " shows in Liberty University's curriculum. You will receive an education that is based from a biblical viewpoint.


I like the online classes. They give you the freedom to go at your own pace. I think its a good school with a lot of wisdom.


Sports are a big thing. The food could be better. The size is exactly perfect, it's a major university but still feels like a community. Lynchburg is a college town. It is a cool Christian school!