Lincoln Christian University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Lincoln Christian University know before they start?


Tramaine, you are a bright young lady with an even brighter future. I've found some easy steps to help you develop and become very successful. First of all, stay focus and take your eyes off the crowd because they are not headed in your direction. Secondly, remain dilligent and well disciplined because these two elements will reward you greatly. Third, when times get rough remember the prize of what your aiming for then buckle down and finish what you've started. Fourth, enjoy life because it only happens once! You are a leader that is successful at everything you choose to do ... the storms in your life only validate who you are. I'll see you in the future, The Future You


If I could give my high school senior self a peice of advice about college life, I would first tell myself to relax! College is wonderful and it is nothing to stress out about, you are goign to make incredible friends and have a ton of fun. I would tell myself that I am more than capable of being a college student because I was fortunate enough to be going to a fantastic high school that did a wonderful job of preparing me for college. With that in mind I would remind my high school self that I need to have a good work ethic and learn all I can while in high school so that I can be as prepared as possible. A last peice of advice not only for high school self but a good reminder for college self too, stop procrastinating! Do your best to manage your time so you are not left working until the last possible minute on a project, it will save you a great deal of time and your grades will thank you as well!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to try harder in class and not give up. My senior year I started to get lazy with classes and grades and blamed it on senioritis. I would tell myself to try to do my best through that year so I would be prepared more for college. I would also tell myself to get more involved in the community and volunteer more. Volunteering would have given me a better knowledge of different situations that I would face in college. The last thing I would tell myself is to forget about the high school drama and live life by loving everyone even if they are different from me.


To parents and students, I would say one thing, do not settle. Expect the best from wherever you attend. As for the college experience as a whole, do not be afraid to step on people's toes with your thoughts and ideas. Push the limit. Break through whatever glass ceiling that may be holding you back. Shoot for the stars. Cheesy? Maybe. My honest opinion? You bet. If you are not making someone frustrated about your thoughts, then you are not stretching yourself enough.


I would tell the parents and the students to pray about what God wants and not what they want. If they seek God's will for their life, it will always be the right decision.


You don't have to know right away what exactly you want to know. Rely on your experiences and direction from heaven and you'll end up in places you never thought you'd be.


Start early. Don?t stress about grades but do well enough to get into the schools that you?re considering. Go on campus visits, sit in on a class or two, eat food that the students eat. Pray, listen, and go for it. Apply early. Don?t stress. If you don?t get in, there?s someplace better for you, even if you don?t realize it until later. Enjoy it but be responsible. Yes, college is the place a place of freedom, but it?s also for preparation. These people will be your friends for life. How you handle yourself and your work now will not only equip you for the future, but it will say a lot about you and your ethics, it will either help or hurt your future job search. Volunteer. It looks good on r?sum?'s and it?s a good thing to do, make time. Don?t rush looking for love, college is?t all about hooking up,and looking for ?The One.? If you find him or her, best wishes, but don?t force it to happen, there?s probably someone better out there. Grow, academically, spiritually, as a person. Good luck!


Don't wait until the last minute to try to get in anywhere! Be supportive to your kids when they go and help out when you can. It really sucks when your parents aren't there to help!


Find a college that you dont have to force yourself to fit into, find a college where you can be yourself. Ask how the professors act, and their relationships with the students, thats important. And parents dont force your kids to go some where just because you went there, or it was your dream to go there, let your students have a say.


The US is filled with innumerable colleges. The most important aspect of any school is that the potential student feel comfortable participating. Unless the student is able to become part of a community and to express his or her thoughts--while also exploring other ways of thinking--no amount of time spent sitting in a classroom is going to truly impact the student's life.