Lincoln Memorial University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The dimly lit enviroment outside. i feel unsafe


The rules when it comes to housing, the fact that there is a zero tollerance for alchol, although i do not drink it seems controlling, also the fact that that overnight guests are not allowed period. The food is also terrible, the first weeks of the semetser they attempt to have decent meals while as the semester goes on it begins to get very stagnent, and plain. These two things are tied equally for the worst things about my campus.


The worst thing about my school, that I consider, is the fact that the boys can actually get into the girls dorm. All they have to do is jam their key in the lock and the door opens. I wouldn't mind much if that whenever they do this the girls door lock breaks. Which makes it hard for the girls who actually live there to get in, forcing them to walk around the building and going in from the back door or call someone to open the door for them from the inside.