Lincoln Memorial University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


LMU offers you a college education that will increase your understanding in science and society; it helps you to think abstractly and critically, to express judgment clearly, and to make intelligent decisions. LMU gives you and opportunity for many careers and an increases wages. LMU is a school that includes a college of arts and/or sciences, one or more programs of graduate studies, and professional school that can give you many opportunities for your life. This is the type of person who should attend LMU, someone who is ready to be successful and start a career with there life.


The type of person who should attend this school is one who can be easily entertained.


Anyone who wishes to learn more than they could have ever fathomed and enjoy the natural beauty of the Applachian Mountains should attend Lincoln Memorial University.


Lincoln Memorial University is a great school for students who enjoy outdoor activities, small class sizes, and individual attention from faculty and staff. The LMU community is like a family, and you'll find that there is always someone there to help when you need it.


This school is for someone who wants to get an education and is a self starter. The teachers want you to learn but they can't do evrything for you. They try to form a personal relationship with you so that the student feels like they can talk to them about homework problems. In my opinion, this school is perfect for those who love a peaceful scenery, calm environment, and teachers that you can tell actually care.