Lincoln University-Jefferson City Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Lincoln is one big family and everyones goal is to succeed, thats what we all have in common.


Lincoln University is a 2nd home away from home.


An institue of high learning that has a rich history.


My school is good with class schedueling, alot of kind staff that are willing to help you, great school to attend, but a little bad with financial aid funding, sometines.


To me it's a great school i love the library and its also a bonus that there are a lot of hills to walk it keeps me in shape, I also love that the classes are just the right size.


My school is a great quality school with great education. I would suggest Lincoln University to any one who think they would have a problem with college life its a great starter school not only because the education but also because of the history.


This school is historical and diverse.

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