Lincoln University-Jefferson City Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I have had plenty of classmates during my time attending Lincoln University. My classes are diverse and the people are friendly and hardworking. I believe this is the way a college classroom should be; Nothing but hardwork and motivation to the reach the next level. I feel really comfortable sharing ideas and bouncing back off of ideas classmates may have. The energy of my classes that I've taken so far has been positive, and I really would like things to stay that way. Having little to no distractions is awesome and helps the flow of the classroom.


Most seem excited about their future.


They are mostly white and like to tell on the black students if they are cheating. Usually, the black students do not attend classes often.


We are an incredibly diverse University. We were originally established as an HBCU; therefore, over half of our students are minorities. We have a lot of traditional as well as non-traditional students. Most of the Caucasion students are commuter students from surrounding rural farm areas, whereas most of the minority students are from urban areas more than one hundred miles away.


Freindly, loud, intertaining and yet sometimes annoying. Eveyone is always happy, i have never seen a mad individual.

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